Friday, May 6, 2011

The twitch is back!

When I was studying for CFP I posted about my eye twitching, however I can't find that post so I may be lying...but I swear I wrote about it.  Anyway, after I took "big nasty" the twitching eyelid disappeared.  So I chalk it up to stress, although it could also be the increased caffeine intake due to all the studying. 

Well it has returned...only now it isn't my eyelid, it's my left upper check/lower eye-lid-area.  Just starts twitching for no reason.  Not necessarily when I am thinking about CFP scores or IVF - my two current stressers.  Annoying!! 

One other way I know I am stressed? 

I went to my first acupuncture appointment yesterday since our last IUI in 2009.  It was nice to see Debi again and catch up.  She put all kinds of needles in me and I laid there for a little bit breathing deep.  All of the sudden, the area between my big toe and 2nd toe on my right foot started to feel really "sharp" for lack of a better term.  It was really...rEaLy...REALLY painful for probably 30 seconds and then it just stopped.  Was still a little sore but pretty much went away.  When Debi returned (she leaves me in the room by myself with the needles in for about 15-25 minutes) I asked if she had put a needle where it hurt.  She said she had, but now it was laying on the bed.  I asked her what it was for.  She laughed and said, "stress."  So my body actually pushed out the needle that was supposed to help me de-stress!  Apparently, it likes the state of stress that I am in and wasn't willing to give it up.  But that's why it hurt so bad!!  How random is that?!

Why am I stressed you ask?  Well, there's IVF and oh, did I mention that my scores for "big nasty" were mailed on Tuesday and they could come in today's mail?!!!!!  Yup, that's it!  That's why I am stressed!!  I thought about not telling you, but you're gonna hear if I pass or if I fail.  I may as well have a couple other prayers being sent up for me in the feel free to lend God a few good thoughts on my behalf because I am terrified right now!  Oh yeah, and they don't publish the scores online or email them to me until next week!  Why are they so backwards?  Who knows!  They know the scores, why not just post them on my online account page?!  I don't know!  OY....

So in lieu of checking the mail box every hour I've tried to jam pack my day to distract myself.  Let's hope it works!

Happy Weekend Bleaders!

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  1. no wonder you're twitching...
    remember no matter what the result, and what happens with the IVF, you can re-do the big nasty. Just don't go on a food / wind binge if you fail - you are on the road to IVF now and THAT is going to be a success! BUT I do hope and pray that the results are going to be good!
    Oh and I'm glad you are enjoying acupuncture. I am also doing it again.


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