Thursday, May 26, 2011

IVF Brain

I know there is such a thing as "Pregnancy Brain," but is there such a thing as IVF Brain?  For those of you unaware (this is all based on what I've heard, not experienced), "Pregnancy Brain" just means that the pregnant lady is a bit forgetful and I've also sometimes heard a bit clumsey.  I think I've contracted IVF Brain.  But it's different than Pregnancy Brain.  Here's what I have been experiencing:

One.  Every date that I think about is in relation to our IVF schedule.  Someone wants to go to lunch in June, my response is, "no doc appointments that day, but that could change and that's 3 days after I start drugs, and 10 until eggs come out."  Now most of that goes on in my head, but depending on the person, sometimes I say it.  EVERYTHING is based around our IVF dates.  And soon "times" I'm afraid.  That will be interesting while we're in Phoenix at the wedding...have questions to as Holly H. about drugs being refrigerated, etc.

Two.  Everything I feel relates to drugs - presently birth control.  I've been a bit headache-y and emotional lately, and after a quick email with Holly H., it's been determined that that relates to the birth control (and stress of the upcoming cycle).  But it also relates to other things.  I get a mild cramp and my first thought is, "Oh no, what's going on down there?!"  I'm also E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D!

Three.  I feel a bit forgetful or just off kilter.  Like my brain and body can only handle so much, and since IVF takes priority, everything else goes out the window.  Things take a little bit longer to comprehend at work some days, but then not other days.  I can't get my fidngers fingers to work right...see!  (That just happened, no joke!) And I can't find anything...presently, my mp3 player is missing, I couldn't remember if I locked my car yesterday or today, I forgot to pack my lunch today, and who knows what else!

Four.  We already hit emotions a bit, but it bears saying again.  Have teared up at the most inopportune times and as Melslaw said yesterday, "you are already a crier!" so I am more than a bit worried about spedning spending June in tears over non-descript items! 

Five.  I'm nervous.  I'll be moving along fine in my day and one of these recollections stops me cold realizing that June starts next week, and with that IVF.

There you have it folks...IVF what was I going to do next?

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  1. There is ABSOLUTELY such a thing as IVF brain. There is also such a thing as infertility brain! Preggos don't have the monopoly on that!


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