Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day can be a hard one for us Infertiles, but this year was different.

First, I'm still on a high from passing "big nasty."  Still floating on air and amazed.  I was driving down the road today and just out of the blue I said out loud, "I can't believe I passed!  I don't have to take it again!"  WOW!

Second, I got 2 Mother's Day cards.  Yes indeed-y-do, I got 2!  One from BFF in Phoenix and one from Mama K, on Friday...same mail day as "big nasty" scores.  Course, I opened the letter about "big nasty" first, but after I had calmed down from all of that, I could open these beautiful cards.  Mama K's was very sweet and sentimental telling me what a great friend I am and I was in her thoughts, and BFF in Phoenix's was just plain funny.  First off, cover has shoes all over favorite accessory...and said, "Some mother's day advice..." and the inside said, "Sometimes the best thing to do is just look in the mirror and say, "what shoes go with this stress?"  So funny!  They both knew that not only grades were coming soon, but this day can be hard because I am not yet a mother.  Thanks ladies, much appreciated and love you both dearly!

Had these two things not happened, Mother's Day might have been more depressing.  J's Mom lives out of town and my Mom isn't in town at the moment, so today could have been just another Sunday.  So we really didn't have anything to do.  Thus, I could have been sitting on the couch, stressed out and feeling worried.

But because of the two above things, I was full of energy. Seriously, every day this weekend I have woken up at 6 am or earlier.  Yesterday, I got up and went to boot camp with one of our puppies and then proceeded to throw all my books for school away, 5 garbage bags worth!  Which freed up an entire shelf in the closet in my home office.  So the stuff that was in the closet in the guest room (hopefully soon to be baby's room) was relocated to the office's closet, thus making room for a baby's stuff soon.  It was a busy Saturday.  Today I was again awake at 6 am, but forced myself to go back to sleep and relax a bit.  Finally at 9 am I got up and got ready to go to Music Maiden's house to help her pack.  She's moving to California (sad face!) and her hubby is already there, leaving her to deal with the house, wrap up her year of teaching and take care of their three year old son.  Busy much?!  We reorganized almost the entire house and purged, purged, purged.  It may not sound like a fun day, but when you are with a friend and organizing (yes, I know I'm odd), it's kinda fun!  And we accomplished a lot!  Not bad for a Sunday.

Then I came home from Music Maiden's and J had a big bag sitting on the kitchen counter that said "Congrats!"  He had a couple little things in there as gifts for me.  Some University of Arizona gear, and one of my favorite movies on DVD - Fools Rush In.  We used to have it on VHS (yes, old skool) but I got rid of all those things when I started to clean out the guest room closet in March after the test was taken.  Very sweet!  Altogether, a pretty f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c weekend!

Now to finish, a little thing for my Mom.  Every year in Tucson, a local radio station does Mom of the Day in May for Mother's Day.  In 2007, I submitted a letter for my Mom and it was read the Monday after Mother's Day on the radio, along with my Mom winning a couple fun gifts.

Love you Mom!  And Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms in Heaven, on Earth, and to be in the future...hopefully me!

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