Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh to be a parent, how your life will change

Yesterday a strange realization hit me.  Trainer's Wife went into labor with their first child and after seeing the pictures pop up and hearing they had a beautiful bouncing baby boy, it hit me that their lives are about to change in a huge way.

First, let's show off the pictures because they are too precious not to.

Here is Trainer's Wife, Lil Trainer, and Trainer in their first "family" picture.  And Lil Trainer is even giving up a wave to the camera.  How precious is this?

Trainer and Lil Trainer.  So precious, especially because you can tell Trainer has been crying and is so in love with his son already!

Quite possibly the best idea ever.  After they stamped Lil Trainer's feet for the birth certificate, Trainer had them stamp his t-shirt.  What a great memory and an idea I think I'll steal!

Now you have seen this sweet family and their newest addition.  It's hard not to just want to put Lil Trainer in my purse and wander out with him.  But the hospital has a lock down on all of that...there's all kinds of safety devices in order to make sure Lil Trainer doesn't wander off, and if somehow he gets past all the security devices, finding the door will keep him holed up in the hospital for hours!  Literally got lost going to find them when I went to visit yesterday!

So back my revelation.  Their lives are going to change drastically!  I don't know why I identified this yesterday.  I have plenty of friends who have kids.  One kid. Two kids.  Super-Mom has 3 with number 4 baking in the belly right now!  Their lives have all changed, but for some reason Lil Trainer's birth made much more of an impact on me.  

Maybe it is because I see Trainer a lot at the gym, and how involved he is in his business.  I know Trainer's Wife is also very involved with her business.  They also have a very active social life.  Finding a day in our schedules to grab dinner is usually a month in the works (coincidentally we were due to have dinner Friday and seeing as how Lil Trainer was born 3 weeks early, I don't think that will work tonight).  So this lil guy is going to throw a wrench in everything.  But a very loved and happy wrench!!

Maybe it is because I identify with Trainer and Trainer's Wife a lot.  They both are amazing people.  Driven.  Strong.  Supportive.  They've been our "friends without kids," and now there really aren't any friends that we have, as a couple, without children.  It is just us.  Hopefully that changes soon, but it won't change bet, 10 months!  

Maybe it is because IVF is starting and is at our front door knocking away.  And that makes parenthood a real reality for us.  We've been trying so hard to get pregnant and I know pretty exactly how it works, technically.  Not for us obviously.  But once we bridge the gap of getting pregnant, we're in uncharted waters. 

Maybe it's that we are finally ready and it was a whisper (as Oprah calls it) from God telling me this little adventure will work.  I've never really worried about what will happen when we get pregnant.  I wouldn't say I am worried now, but I am definitely trying to figure out how our lives will change when it happens.

And a quick note about Oprah since I brought her up.  I don't know if anyone watched her last 3 shows, but J and I did.  Yup, he wanted to.  I DVR'd them and we watched together.  The surprise shows were great, but the best was the last show.  Just Oprah talking and thanking and loving.  She said one thing that really resonated with me.  

(Email viewers, please click here to watch the video at the blog.) The first five minutes are what hit me (but watch the whole video).  

She asks "What is your passion?  What is your calling?"

I know my Mom's calling was to do what she does for work.  While I enjoy this work and the things it allows me, currently I wouldn't call it my calling.  My calling is to be a mother.  That is truly my calling.  My passion.  To raise a child.  That is my calling and what I want to do with my life.  

And it is time.  That's why I had this revelation.  It is OUR time!

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