Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pregnant in Heels

Hi Bleaders!  You all know that I love hearing about Infertility in modern media.  I don't know if my radar is on overdrive or if this is truly the case.  I have seen more and more shows, celebrities, and news issues about Infertility.  It's incredible to me!  And I'm happy that this isn't under the radar anymore!

In that, a friend of mine emailed me a while back about a show she was watching called Pregnant in Heels.  It's about a woman who is a mother, and is having difficulty conceiving her second child.  She is also a working professional in New York (I believe - I was watching the show while I was blogging) and deals with quite a few women who are "pregnant in heels" and refuse to give them up. 

First off, it's quite incredible that these women are about to pop, have never held a baby and don't know about projectile vomit.  I'm not gonna say that I am an expert, but I have held very many babies and at least know how to do that.  I may never have seen projectile vomit, but I know that exists. 

A quick recap of the one episode I have seen (I am now DVRing the shows).  Two women, one who was having issue with the religion of the baby not being the religion she was because her husband was a different religion and wanted the baby to take his religion.  The other woman was a stay-at-home-mother-to-be, and had really done nothing to prep for the baby.  The nursery was in her office (remember, she has no job) and was half done.  She had never held a child, nor knew many of the minor aspects of being a mother.  And when the host of the show asked when she might learn this, she would say, "that's what my husband is for."  Oh lady...you've got another think coming!

The other part of the show is the host's struggle with her own infertility.  I stopped typing when she started talking about IVF.  Mid sentence.  She went through the process of IVF shortly and then got to the point where she said she had been told she was pregnant.  But my heart leapt a little bit, but I felt that this wasn't the end of the story due to how the music was playing.  And sadly, that was not the end of the story.  She had an ectopic pregnancy and even though the baby was alive, the pregnancy had to be terminated because he or she would not have made it to term and it would have killed the mother.  (For those of you who don't know what an ectopic pregnancy is, it is when the embryo attaches within the fallopian tube instead of in the uterus.)  Therefore, the host had to have immediate surgery and have one of her fallopian tubes removed.  So now she is still pursuing getting pregnant with one fallopian tube.  Wow, that's amazing and sad all at the same time.

So yet, another happening of Infertility in Modern Media.  I will continue to watch Pregnant in Heels. It's on Bravo and I'm not sure what time.  But worth an hour of your time.

Thanks Mama Almond Joys for alerting me to this show!

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