Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One pack down, half to go

Hello fair Bleaders. 

Every week I punch out the birth control pills into my little weekly pill container and then add a prenatal and 2 folic acid to each day's slot.  Plus my phone is set to go off so I don't forget to take any of the pills.  Yesterday, I punched out the last of the first pack of birth control pills (BCP)!  And of course I kept it!  Odd, I know.  But whenever we get preggers, it all goes in the baby book.

Thus far I haven't had any side effects that I can tell.  I don't feel bloated.  But I do know I've been eating more.  So getting on the scale this morning wasn't a welcome number.  I partly blame the pills, but mostly I blame myself. I've been going a little crazy with all the celebrating from passing "big nasty."  Last week I had 3 people take me to lunch.  Not that I am complaining, but it definitely adds to the scale!!  So now we're back to eating right and making sure the gym gets hit...except this morning I was still so sore from Saturday, that I slept in. 

I was catching up on that new show I like, Pregnant in Heels and this week Rosie (the main character) is meeting with a couple who needs to get married before she pops the baby out in 4 weeks and another woman who really wants to have a portrait painted of her sitting on her horse, with her pregnant belly, and nothing else on! 

So let's start with the first woman who wants to get married before they pop out the babe.  She's a bit older and found her hubby later in life, so she had her eggs frozen years ago and as soon as he proposed they proceeded with IVF.  I can understand her timetable.  But then, the family started to push them to get married before the baby is born.  Okay, nothing too crazy.  But she also now has gestational diabetes, so Rosie takes a quick peek around her place to help her eat better, because she gained 80 lbs with her pregnancy!  80!  And she blames most of it on the fertility drugs!  Ummm....no! 80 lbs!  That's insane!  And she's only about five foot two.  There's candy and cupcakes everywhere and she "claims" that she just likes "how things look in her cupboards".  But when Rosie questions her about a cupcake a couple days later that now has bites out of it and she said she was going to toss it because it was stale, she quips, "but I tasted it and it wasn't!"  Anyway, she sucessfully gets married, although not without drama and then has a perfect little baby...a 7 lb baby!  I will not gain 80 lbs, I swear!!!

Now the second lady I was really pulling for.  She had lost her mom when she was rather young and was terrified that it would happen to her baby, that she would pass away too early.  She's a zoo keeper and clearly connects with the animals a lot, but is worried she won't connect with her child.  Rosie talks to her and helps her realize that she'll be close to her baby because she's already a mommy to her furry zoo-kids.  Then, she goes into pre-mature labor (before her painting has been done) and has a beautiful baby.  Now this little lady probably gained only 20 lbs during her pregnancy, and when Rosie sees her a few weeks afterwards, her stomach has returned to it's previous flatness (literally, flat as a board!) for the photo.  What a difference from the first lady!  The portrait is done, only this time she's holding the baby (not while on the horse, the artist just made it look that way) and did I mention that it is a surprise to her hubby and will be revealed at a gallery opening?  Oy...that's a little much for me.  But he ended up liking it and it now hangs in their bedroom. 

Two very interesting stories.  Makes me feel a bit less crazy.  But also teaches me that even when I get pregnant, I really still need to watch what I eat so I don't double in size and then only produce a 6 lb baby, with the rest of whatever weight I gain sticking with me!  So as I got on the scale this morning and the number was less than desirable, you know that I thought, "wow, and we haven't even started the real drugs yet."  I'll continue to monitor it to see if it's up just from a weekend full of eating, but for sure go back to my healthy habits. 

Have a wonderful week folks!

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