Thursday, April 28, 2011

A lady is never late!!

Hello dearest Bleaders!  How have you been?  I feel like I've been gone forever, but in reality, it's only been a few days.  I had to go to Vegas for a work conference where I learned a bunch, ate myself silly and drank everything I won't be able to drink in June!  I haven't been to the gym or boot camp since last week and while that doesn't seem like a long time, I'm really used to going at least 4 times a week, if not 5, so I'm feeling very blah these days having it be Thursday and the only exercise I have had is walking across casinos to meetings for 3 days and lifting heavily caloried objects into my mouth!

So what is today's title about you ask?  First let me back track a bit.  When last we left, birth control was supposed to be started this morning because AF would have started on Monday.  So while I took clothes to Vegas that were very loose fitting and comfortable, she never showed. NEVER!  I know some of you are thinking, "oh oh oh, maybe you are preggers!" but don't get ahead of yourselves.  That lovely lady that I refer to as AF tends to do this when something is riding on her timing...namely blood work, appointments or the beginning of meds.  Only an Infertile would be more than a little annoyed when AF is late!  Most people would be rejoicing, but not me.  I'm pissed!  Come on AF, just get here and get it over with so we can move on to step number 1 with IVF and BC!  And yes, I have taken 2 pregnancy tests!  One on Monday (negative) and one this morning (negative).  Does it really matter that the tests themselves were expired? 

Anyway, sent Holly H. a little message today filling her in on our dilemma and she told me not to worry too much as IVF isn't until June and we can not take quite as many BC pills if necessary to get us on the right timing.  However, if AF hasn't shown up by Monday, we need a blood test to make sure we aren't preggers before the BC happens.  Lovely....more needles!  Will keep you posted.

I must be a magnet for random events because two have happened in the past 2 weeks. 

First a little back story...a few months ago I began receiving weekly issues of US Weekly in the mail.  Now why is this odd?  Because I've never ordered, nor paid for the magazine subscription.  I watch our accounts like a hawk and have never seen hide-nor-hair of a charge or a bill!  So I've gotten used to the magazine now.  I read what I think is interesting, skipping all the teen pregnancy stories, and heading straight to things about celebrity weight loss, Dancing with the Stars, and other gossip that I probably shouldn't care about, but I do.  Takes me about 30 minutes to read the magazine while watching TV at night and then the magazine gets taken to the gym for Trainer to let whomever wants to enjoy it.  Odd, but not at all bad. 

Well the other day I was going through the mail and what did I see?  Not only a copy of US Weekly, but now a copy of American Baby!  Umm....huh?!  Again, have never subscribed nor paid.  When I go see the OB once a year she has a stack of copies for patients to take and I usually grab one to puruse for the day we are preggers, but that's it.  Still bewildered, I stuck it on the pile to read at some point figuring I wouldn't get any more.  But yet, when I got home last night at 10:30 pm (because our flight was delayed) there sat another American Baby magazine on the counter with the mail J had collected.  What the?!  I don't know if this is a sign from God that there's a baby on the way and I just don't know it yet, or somebody at the magazine's idea of a cruel joke!  So very odd!

Okay, next odd little story from the conference.  Had a seminar about something and ended up talking to the presenter afterwards for a few more ideas.  Immediately after that was lunch, so we ( Mom and I ) headed to the lovely spread the hotel had set up for our group, and found seats.  Here comes the presenter lady and I invited her to sit with us.  We chit chatted during lunch, remembered we had met at a previous conference, and soon the other people (including Mom) had wandered off somewhere.  We continued to talk and at some point children came up.  I said we didn't have any and were working on IVF in June, to which she immediately responded, "you'll be great.  It will work." 

I smiled demurely, thinking I understood that she was trying to be optimistic. 

She insisted, "this will work.  You'll see.  Boy and a girl." 

Now my jaw is hanging.  "How can you say that? How do you know?" I kind of demanded, trying not to scream.

She smiled, very sweetly and said, "I have a gift."  (In my head, I rolled my eyes.)  She saw my internal roll apparently and continued.  "No really.  Here's a story.  I work with my brother. He and my sister-in-law had one child.  A while back, I walked into his office one morning and said - your wife is pregnant and it's a girl - then walked out.  Two weeks later, they discovered she was in fact preggers and 9 months later she had a girl.  But I've done this numerous times before that too.  I feel your IVF will be successful."

Still reeling I managed to eek out..."a boy and a girl? At the same time?" 

She said, "possibly.  But definitely one of each.  And you better let me know what happens!"  We exchanged contact info and off we went.

How random is that?!  This person that I barely know can make this statement?  I don't know whether to be optimistic or think she's a nut job!  I'm choosing optimistic.

Is the world trying to tell me something?

Stay tuned....

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  1. Hey Nikki
    I was away this weekend but I read your post on my blackberry. Couldn't comment!
    Anyway I was also waiting for AF but she showed in full force, particularly during the wedding! Oh crumbs, it is murphy's law.
    I am so chuffed for you that you have that prediction about the kids you will have. Such good news.


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