Friday, April 15, 2011

2011 Race for a Cure

Hello my lovelies!

I'm sorry this post is a bit behind but this week has been a bit crazy with the wrap up of tax season and with how exhausted I have been this week.  Don't know why, but I do know that I plan on sleeping in this weekend!

Race for a Cure with the Susan G. Komen foundation was on Sunday, April 10th (which also happens to be MBM's sister's birthday!  Happy Birthday MBM's Sis - love you!).  I've done this race the last 3 years and had fun all three years.  This year was no different!

J always ends up going camping (thus getting him out of going) and letting me have a girls weekend.  So he left Friday morning.  Saturday I had breakfast with Mama K and her kids.  Always fun, but the best story I have from there is this:

Mama K's birthday is next week and her daughter's birthday was last week.  At some point during breakfast, Rhe Rhe (7) asked me if I was older than Mama K (we graduated high school the same year).  I said that I was older since I was born in November and we proceeded to figure out by how many months (5).  A couple minutes later we noticed that Mama K's son was eating the fruit that came with my breakfast and really loving on the honeydew melon.  I said, "He really likes the muskmellon!"  Mama K said, "I've never heard honeydew called that."  Then Rhe Rhe said, "That's cause Nikus is OLDER Mommy!"  Mama K and I looked at each other and just started laughing so hard we were crying.  Can't put one over on her!  Such a smart girl!  I'm not THAT much older!

Left Mama K and the kids and went to get my hair done, and then home to knit my next blanket until Meanie Christinie came over to spend the night.  She came over and we just relaxed for a bit, went to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays (I love this place), came back and watched Grease (such a good flick) and finally to bed about 10:30 pm because we had to be up early for Race. 

Got up about 5:30 am on Sunday (boo) and the temperature gauge in the bathroom said it was 38 degrees outside!  YOWZA, that's cold!  Looked out the window in the bedroom and couldn't even see the mailbox because there was so much fog.  Meanie Christinie and I debated if we still should go to Race.  Texted a few of our team and since they were on our way, we couldn't bail.  So we went.  Got there too late to park in the lot, but found decent parking nearby and pretty soon found our team mates and Lobster (who wasn't officially with our team, but the rest of hers was running - crazy folk - so she walked with us).  Here's our photo:
I'm 3rd from the left, Meanie Christinie is 5th from the left next to Lobster on the end (the un-matcher). Trainer was supposed to go too, but he had to unexpectedly go to see his wife's family for a surprise retirement party for her Dad, so Heather (far left) took over as Team Captain.

Front of my "annotated" shirt. 

Back of my "annotated" shirt.  Should say, "Mom Ryan" and "Midji" at the top, but the letters got a little mangled in the washer today, so just says "Midj."  Sorry Midji - still love ya!

So we begin and right away lose some of our team in the crowd, plus we had kiddies with us so we were walking a little slower and messing with keeping them happy.  We get to the first turn and what does Meanie Christinie do?  She decides its time to turn tail and go home!!  (I must interject that the weekend I took CFP she sprained her ankle at a boot camp race and hasn't been able to get it back to normal since then, so walking 3.2 miles didn't sound like a good idea now...she had already walked a mile and was heavily limping, so we let her go home, since we were close to the car.)  I'll probably pay for telling you all this at boot camp next week! ;)  Love you Meanie!

So Meanie left, and the rest of us continue.  Tammy and I are chatting, Lobster is nearby and pretty soon we pick up more of Lobster's friends.  Again, we get separated and find ourselves very far from Lobster, so we run to catch her again.  Tammy, her way cute son, and I finally finish the race about an hour and a half later.  Yes, it took us that long to walk 3.2 miles when Music Maiden ran it in about 27 minutes, but we were stuck behind slow people!!!!  If Tammy had had her way, we would have run it too!  Anyway, we finished and it was fun.

Found Lobster not too much longer later and debated about where to go to breakfast.  Tammy and her son headed for home, as did Music Maiden.  We settled on The Good Egg on the East side of town and by the time we found the rest of Lobster's team, we had 15 people going to breakfast!  That sounds like trouble on a Sunday morning!  Thankfully, one of the hubby's called and told them we were coming so we didn't have to fight the crowd once we got there and had a wonderful breakfast.  

Finally departed from the crowd about 11:30 am and headed for home and my nap!  J came home soon after I did, it had been cold, rainy/snowy camping so he was ready to be warm.  And that's the reason I don't go with him! :)

Anyway, great race and our team raised $1,080 to fight breast cancer!  Can't beat that!

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