Monday, April 18, 2011

Lucky number 7

I'm somewhat of a fan of Numerology.  I guess I just like numbers and how they all go together, except for those on the scale, if we could separate those out that would be great! ;) 

For instance, we I picked our original wedding date (04/23/04) because it not only had the number 23 in it (my birthday), but because 2+3 equals 5 and zero four, zero five, zero four, felt right.  (I know, there is no logic here, but it is what it is.)  I say "original" because we had it all planned at the ranch and the day before I ordered our invites, the owner of the Ranch called ask beg me to move our wedding up a week because they had a ginormous party that wanted the 23rd and they would give us all kinds of free stuff if we moved our piddly 100 person wedding to 04/16/04.  After a quick check with all important parties (parents, grandparents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc.) to make sure that was okay, and a quick look at the numbers (four times four equals 16 - I'm crazy I know!), we okay'd the move of dates.  What's to say if we had gotten on the 23rd things wouldn't have worked out so good?  Or I would have gone crazy with wedding-planning-syndrome because I had one more week to worry about!

Anyway, there's a couple numbers that are very prevalent in our family.

Seven pops up quite a bit.  For instance, my parent's ages are 7 years apart.  And by some coincidence, BOTH sets of my grandparent's ages are 7 years apart.  For years and years I thought this meant that I needed to marry someone 7 years older or younger than me to continue the legacy.  J is just barely 2 years older than me...oops.  The guy that I dated before J was 7 years older than me (and actually had the same name as J), and I held on to him for way too long because of the 7 year assumption and because I fell in love with his daughter, and not really him.  Thankfully, I let go and found the right J.  I think that I had the right name, just the wrong person!

Anyway, sevens are a big deal to me.  As are fives.  I was born on my parents' anniversary, 5 years after they were married, to the hour of their wedding!  Apparently, I am perpetually on time.  So in July of 2008, my mother was convinced we would get pregnant so we could have the same legacy of having a child's birthday on our 5th anniversary as they did.  Obviously, that didn't work out either. 

As I wrote Saturday's post about J and my relationship, engagement and wedding, it dawned on me that this could be our seven.  Seven years after we got married, we got pregnant!  That's my hope anyway.  Maybe we aren't 7 years apart in age, and we didn't have a child on our 5th anniversary, but maybe, just maybe, we'll get pregnant in our 7th year of marriage.  And if I'm really putting it all out there, maybe that child will be born on a day that has a 5 in it.  Who knows?

Have a great week Blogites!

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