Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why GQ Magazine, why?

I was at the gym on Monday.  After a great workout and grabbing my soon-to-be-last cup of coffee was ready to face the day when I stopped dead in my tracks.  Sitting on the counter was the latest copy of GQ magazine and there on the front it ready, "Diary of a Jerk-Off, a Fertility Junkie tells all."  Bag dropped, coffee nearly dropped, I literally stopped everything to read what GQ (of all magazines) had to say about Infertility.

The title on the index page said, "Wanna blow a fortune ruining your sex life?  Try having kids with a doctor's help."  Okay, thus far, still agreeing with the situation...sorry if that is TMI, but timing baby-making really isn't all that exciting.  Turn to page 90 where I started to get really angry.  (I couldn't find the article online, but Trainer let me "borrow" his copy - well, he doesn't know that he did, but I'm sure it won't be missed."  If you can't read it and really want it, email me and I'll send it to you.  I warn you, there is some vulgar language/cursing - after all, it is a Men's magazine.)

If you can't or didn't want to read the above, it basically consisted of how awful this man's sex life had become because his wife wanted kids and being that she was 40 now, a doctor was needed to try this.  Whoa buddy, if your wife wants kids and you aren't all that hyped about it...maybe you aren't married to the right lady or at the very least you need a discussion.  And how all this infertility stuff has really ruined his sexy, hot, charismatic wife.  He goes on to talk bitch about how he hates all the things HE has to do in the doctor's office...essentially, make his deposit into the cup.  Wow, you really have it rough don't ya bud?!

He goes on to diss about how he doesn't have a great room to do his business, and how the videos are old! Hmmm....maybe because as J likes to say, "he's just the delivery truck" and he doesn't need all the special devices that his wife needs - like hmm....the needles, the drugs, the ultrasound machine, etc.  And he plays one part in all this, and while it is important, it really isn't very painful.  Let's talk about what his wife has gone through...he mentioned IVF.  So at the very least, she has given herself 2 shots a day for weeks at a time, she's been opened up to have eggs retrieved, more shots, embreyos hopefully put back in and then if all this doesn't sound fun enough, she gets to wait for 2 weeks and hope with every essence of her being that she is pregnant so that in 9 more months she can pop a watermelon out of a hole the size of a lemon!  Sign me up, that sounds like a great vacation!

I was so mad when I walked out of the gym at this guy.  He really was only looking out for him and his "poor me" attitude.  I wonder what his wife said when she read the article.  It was really written than he was the only one suffering and he was "struggling" through because SHE WANTED kids and he loved her.  Wow, how noble of you!

I thought about taking the article with me to show J, but then worried he might agree with the guy on some level and I would shoot him! :)  So I would love for a guy to read the article, after having his wife go through all this, and give me his opinion.  Any takers?

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  1. wow what an awful article... but also a bit funny in a way..
    there is no ways men have to put up with as much as we do..


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