Sunday, January 31, 2010

Girly Day!

So yesterday I had a treat.  First, I had breakfast with a friend that I haven't seen for some time who is awesome and is a joy to talk to, never mind splitting the awesome breakfast!

Then, I flew down to meet up with Busted Kate (you can read her version of our outing by clicking her name) to have manicures and pedicures and actually meet face-to-face for the first time ever!  She was just as awesome as I thought she would be (we have corresponded over blog and email for probably 6 months or more and never met) so that was a joy!  Plus walked out with perfectly pedicured feet and beautiful nails - always makes me feel great.  Kate and I continued to Rubio's for a quick lunch and to continue our (2 hour) chat.  Plus, she gave me my birthday present (she wasn't able to come to my birthday party in November) which are awesome socks to wear when I am in the stirrups at Dr. H's that are way cute. (Although, I am wearing them today) As I drove away from Kate, I realized that I have never actually seen someone face-to-face that is dealing with infertility at the same time I have.  I have friends that have gone thru it, blog-friends who are going thru it and people I know that are past it and on to adoption, but never someone standing where I am understanding completely what I am going thru.  It was wonderful to be able to see Kate and have her understand me and me understand her!  Plus, we couldn't stop talking for 2+ hours, and it was effortless!  AWESOME!  She took this pic of me, but wouldn't let me take one of her!

After leaving Kate (and she has those wonderful kind of hugs I discussed in my last post), I again flew across town to meet another friend for a movie (we saw When in Rome) and chatted it up before the flick started.  Again, awesome lady to hang out with and unfortunately, don't get to do it enough.  It was really funny and not hard to look at Josh Duhamel for 2 hours straight!  There was a lot of out-right laughter in the pretty full theater.  After the movie we cruised the mall a bit, before my friend had to jet.  I had a Victoria's Secret gift card that was burning a hole in my pocket, so needed to spend that and a little extra!

Started my long trek home and stopped at Michael's for some yarn (yes, another blanket to make before our trip to CO) and some fake roses for this project I saw in Martha Stewart Living.  Now, I don't quite know how I got the magazine but when it came for the past few months, I would flip thru it and then toss it.  I found this cute project wherein you take fake roses and draw a trail of glue around the edges of the petals and then sprinkle with glitter.  Well, Michael's didn't have the right color glitter so I had to settle for glitter glue which turned out quite alright.  Stopped at Extreme Pita to pick up dinner and the wine place for a good bottle.

Finally made it home and J had beat me because he was coming from work.  We had our dinner, made the roses (and they turned out pretty good), watched Role Models that was really quite funny and then got in the hot tub!  Relaxing and awesome! 

I would have to chalk yesterday up to FLIPPIN' FANTABULOUS!  Thanks ladies and my dear hubby!  Now to do that more often!!!  And to top it off, I am up to 15 followers!  WOW, I may actually make it 50 or 100 at some point.  If you count the people that get this emailed, that brings me to a whopping 18!  Whoo hoo!

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  1. It was a super fun day! Can't wait to do it again SOON. MWAH! :-)


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