Thursday, January 14, 2010

Guiliana & Bill - GO WATCH NOW!

So let me say that I am obsessed with reality tv shows about stars I like, especially if they have kids - Tori & Dean, Denise Richards It's Complicated and yes, Guiliana and Bill.  I started knowing Bill on The Apprentice and who doesn't know Guiliana from E! ?  Anyway, probably was a couple years ago that their wedding in Italy aired on E!.  Talk about gorgeous and different culture.  So fun to watch.  Then, they came out with their reality show and it is great too.  They act like ... get this...normal people, with better clothes and more fun jobs (talking to people on the red carpet!).

Flash back to the end of last season, we see Guiliana and Bill huddled over a pregnancy test and of course don't hear the answer until 6 months later.  I figured, being a TV show and all, it would be positive.  But no, it actually turned out negative a couple weeks ago.  So now they are trying to get pregnant and it is really interesting to watch.  The last episode was called "Operation Ovulation" and it included both of them going to the doctor and getting checked out.  Something J and I have done a lot!

I had started watching it alone while J did the dishes from my fabulous dinner of Homemade Green Chile Mac & Cheese, and after about 4 minutes, stopped it, rewound and waited for him to sit down.  First, G/B (Guiliana and Bill) talk to some friends they have who are trying for 4 years!  G/B are surprised it has been that long and J was surprised it could take that long.  Then G/B decide to go to the doctor to just "get checked out" and Bill has to "make a deposit" so they stop at a neighborhood (they live in Chicago sometimes) magazine/newspaper stand and buy porn for Bill - hysterical conversation.  Then, go to el-doctor and have an ultrasound.  (Now it has been awhile since we went to Dr. H so at this point J looks at me and says - "have you had an ultrasound?", to which I smiled and reminded him that I have had many and he has watched most of them.  Once he saw the images on the TV, he remembered.)  Oh and then, the show ends with planning when they need to BD and Bill having to be gone, so rushing home to bed his wife who tried to spice it up a bit with candles, chocolate strawberries and rose petals, only to find Bill late and Guiliana passed out on the couch!  So true!

Great episode because it really puts everything out there, especially for people who haven't been there.  I recommend you all watch it because it gives you a bit of insight into the infertiles world.  Now if you are a sister-infertile, then just watch it for some fun hyjinks and to be validated that celebrities deal with this crap too.

Love you all and time to get ready for my day.  Already worked out, now just need to go to work!

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  1. Ok, another infertile watched this show and did a play by play, it's pretty funny. Just wanted to pass it on!


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