Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bursting with pride, re-joining WW and update on our stray

Obviously, from the title, you gathered that I have a lot on my mind, so let's get down to it!

First, why am I "bursting with pride"?  Well, a few reasons.  First, J and I have started our better eating regime and so far, there haven't been any complaints except that he is HUNGRY!  When I asked him what "healthy" food he wanted, he couldn't even answer having said, "I don't know.  I've NEVER done this!"  To me that is an OMG moment!  Never eaten healthy!  That is insane to me.  Anyway, I filled in the blanks and now he is on track and excited about it.  He went to work yesterday and at lunch was looking up how many calories were in his beer - and after learning that number was about 200(!), he decided to switch to the light-low-carb beer!  Then, when he got home from work yesterday, he did sit-ups, push-ups, and some other things to work out!  That makes me so happy to hear that!  Not only because my most-desirable husband is working out to be even more desirable, but because he will be healthier and learning about good calories vs. bad calories!!! 

Second reason I am "bursting with pride"?  We went to see J's new doctor this morning and he was awesome!  He explained things and listened to what J told him, and J really liked him (as opposed to last year's doc who was kind of a nimrod!).  Anyway, the doc asked why we were there and he actually said, "My wife has been bugging me about going to the doctor for as long as I can remember, and now being in my 30's, I agree it is important so here I am!"  Long way to say - she was right!  How about that?!

And last reason, I am "bursting with pride"?  My man is so honest and has such a good head on his shoulders - most of the time.  What I am trying to say is that he has so much integrity that it makes me swell with pride.  He is so proud of his work, and defends himself when the bosses want him to skimp and screw the customer.  He won't back down.  He wants to make sure the customer is not only satisfied, but safe and treated well.  I just wish his bosses and the other guys he worked with could take notice of this and act in a similar fashion! 'Nuff said!

Okay, second topic - re-joining WW.  I was a little worried about how my comeback would be handled this morning?  Would they make me pay for all the meetings I missed since August?  Would they say, "we knew you would be back"?  Would they even be in the same place?  Well, my fears were calmed when everything went smoothly when I went.  I was determined when I woke up and wore my "lightest" clothes.  I went and it was empty, save Joanne (my leader that I love) and Nancy (the lady who checks us in).  I only had to pay to start-up a new plan ($13) and we started fresh, and for whatever reason, that felt really nice not to be judged by what I had previously done and my backtracking.  They didn't say, "we knew you would be back." They said, "Welcome home!  We missed you!  It's like seeing family again!"  They didn't judge when my weight was up 5 lbs from my last weight.  I was kind of relieved to see my 10% goal because it just sounded right.  The first time, it just didn't sound right.  So this one fits me, and I plan on getting to it!  So I weighed in, and came on my merry way home with a smile on my face and a plan to eat well for the day - and I did!  I even figured out how to re-set my online WW version, to match the new book I got at WW. I went back this afternoon for my 45 minute meeting to hear Joanne speak - and make me laugh and it was great.  I am glad to be back and ready to rock-n-roll!

Lastly, an update on our little stray that we found on New Year's Day.  After J dropped me back off at the house after his Dr. appt this morning, he called and said he was still in the neighborhood and had seen a sign for what he thought might be the dog we found.  Two thoughts ran through my head - 1) Great - the owner will find the dog!, 2) Crap - the dog is at the Humane Society and may have been adopted by now so the owner can't get her back!.  J said, he left a message for the owner and I did a little homework with where we took her to find out exactly where she was so when the possible owner called back, we had info to give them.  The vet that we took her to, confirmed that the Humane Society had picked her up and gave the phone number to call.  So, when J came home tonight his cell rang and it was the possible owner.  He told her what we knew and they had about a 3-minute conversation.  Anyway, when he got off the phone, he looked a little distressed.  He said the following:
1) She didn't sound that excited to have us find what sounds like it was the dog (I would have been jumping for joy and saying "thank you" every other word - but that is me!).  She just sounded like she was confirming a pizza delivery!
2) When he told her that the dog looked pretty haggard, she said, "Yeah, she has been like that for a while, I didn't have time to clean her up!"  I wish I had a picture of what this poor puppy looked like when J found her.  She had matted mud all over her face.  I actually considered taking her to a dog groomer before the vet because she looked so bad, and when the vet saw her they took her immediately to clean the poor thing up!  I can't imagine an owner leaving a dog like that...it was awful!
3) When he said that the dog didn't have a collar, the possible owner said, "eh...meaning to do that too!"  How hard is it to get a freaking collar with a tag?!  If you care about the animal, that is the first thing you do after getting them!  Responsibility people! 

So anyway, she had thanked him, but it really didn't seem like she was all that excited about the prospect of having this sweet puppy back!  My hopes are jumping back and forth between "I hope she does get to the Humane Society and find the dog and be happy that she did and realize to take better care of it" and "I hope the Humane Society questions how the dog got out and why she was in such bad shape and either reprimands her for animal cruelty, or doesn't give her the dog back and finds a better home for the dog."  I feel bad thinking the second one, but if you saw how this dog looked, you would better understand!  I just hope the situation works out for the dog so she is taken care of and loved like she deserves.  If we didn't have 2 bigger dogs and a killer cat, I would have cleaned her up and kept the poor thing!  Anyway, I hope it works out for the best.  If the owner doesn't want to take care of the animal, they shouldn't be an owner!  But hopefully, the owner has seen the error of her ways and will be better in the future.  Cross those fingers!

Alright, time for some dinner - healthy dinner...I'm thinkin' stirfry!  Also hoping to go to the gym tomorrow and test the waters.  Happy Tuesday folks!

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