Saturday, January 23, 2010

The bitch is back

Yup, you guessed it.  No luck this month.  AF came a knockin' at my door early Thursday morning and she had her suitcases with her for a stay about 3 days long!  But...I do have some good news.  I had no spotting this month.  (Sorry, a little TMI).  How about a little background on why I am so excited about this small feat?

About October 2008 (when we were first supposed to go visit the RE and decided to wait until the March 2009) I had started to spot about a day before AF showed up.  It was very odd as it had never happened before and there were no cramps with it.  And it continued every month.  When we went to see Dr. H, he said it meant that my Progesterone was not producing enough and thus my uteran lining was not thick enough which could have been why I wasn't getting pregnant.  So I began the (most expensive pills at the time) Progesterone suppositories every month 2x a day for 15 days before AF and after OV.  Spotting stopped, but in my mind superficially because it was drug induced.  When we stopped Dr. assisted procedures in November 2009, spotting returned (much to my dismay that body hadn't figured out what we were trying to teach her).  But this month, not so much.  So I am choosing to believe that something in my body has changed (could be due to better eating or weight loss or less stress, who knows?) and maybe this means my body is more ready to be pregnant and support that pregnancy for 9 - 10 months.  That is what I am choosing to believe!  So to me, that is FANTASTIC news!!!!

I was going to call the Dr.'s office on Monday (next Monday) if the aching in the boobs hasn't stopped, just to see if they have any idea why it hung around for so long.  Maybe it is somehow tied to the Progesterone issue.  Anyway, yes, they still hurt and feel somewhat bigger.  Much to J's delight, however because of how sore they are, touching at this point is not allowed, so that doesn't make him very happy! ;)

I met with my trainer yesterday for our monthly appointment.  Here's what we do - he gives me a workout routine and I follow that for a month - at the gym - while he watches from afar and fixes small things as needed (form, etc), and then we meet once a month and he alters the routine a bit (i.e. more weight, different exercises, better form) and we talk about how things are going in my life - personal and not.  Anyway, we talked and he pushed me during my workout - reminding me that I can go harder and do more than I think.  He's proud of how hard I work, that I am back on WW and actually following it and that J is eating healthy.  Then, on the way home as I was driving, I was thinking how long it could take me to reach my goal if I really concentrated on it and came to the conclusion of setting my goal for 4 lbs a month.  I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but it is hard to do for me.  So if I lose 4 lbs a month (that is 1 lb a week), by summer I could be down 20 lbs!  And I think it is doable, so that is my goal.  4 lbs a month consistently and more if possible.  But given how hard it is to do for me, I think it gives me hope, but also is achievable. 

So while we start another month of not being pregnant, at least we start on a good note with the Progesterone thing and hoping that carries forward and does the same thing this month.  And now I have a goal in my head to lose a certain amount and stay on track.  This could be our year!

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  1. That is a great and totally reachable goal :) ANd I definitely think that the no spotting is a good sign. I definitely think that it's your year!


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