Saturday, January 16, 2010

I need a vent.

First, let me say, this week has been pretty good. No drama, no stress, just working out, working and eating right.  The only thing bad about this week is the pain in my boobs.  Now I am talking, working out and I have to hold them in place so I don't break into tears!  It feels like someone has been using them as a punching bag at night and all night long at that!  So other than that, I'm good.

Now for my vent.  First, let me say, I love my husband.  I really do, but lately whatever I seem to do just "isn't right" according to him.  For instance, last night, driving to dinner, he said something and I think I responded with, "oh."  That was it.  But he asked, "what did you say?" kind of pissed off like.  I repeated it and he said, "no you didn't.  What did you say?"  I said it again.  He said, "No, what did you say?!"  I finally said, "I don't know.  It must not have been all that important because I don't remember!"  And he got mad.  OY!  Then, on our way home from dinner, I was driving and apparently I turned my blinker on 3 seconds earlier than he wanted me to, and I heard about how if a car turned out in front of me because they thought I was turning it would be my fault.  OY!  Then, today, I am cleaning the house and I have a candle burning in the kitchen on my shelf.  On his way out the door, he tells me, "that candle shouldn't be there burning because that shelf could catch fire."  I said, "okay, so move it."  He walked out and slammed the door.  I went to see where the candle was, and no, he hadn't moved it.  So I don't know what is up, or if I am more agitated or what, but it is really getting annoying!  (So he may have been technically right on the last one, but just fix it, don't jump down my throat about it!)

What is it about men and having to tell you that you are wrong?  I don't get it!

So, just to clarify, I do love my husband very much and these are minor minor problems.  But if he only knew how many times I just bit my tongue and fixed whatever he did, he would be amazed.  Thus is the life of being happily married I guess! ;) But, I will say, that we both usually get over things very quickly and go back to being civil ;) with each other.  Happy Saturday folks!


  1. My DH and I definitely have our moments like that, too. I swear that men have PMS.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. Orion is the same way and sometimes I just want to say "Thanks Dad" Of course that would be passive aggressive and a great way to start a bigger fight, so I bite ym tongue. Of course, he did insult my way cool Michael Kors sunglasses and I put him back in his place. Some things you just don't mess with! :)


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