Wednesday, January 13, 2010

God love you guys!

I will have to call my pity party for one, officially over!  I have had so many responses (well, so many for me anyway as I only have 12 followers, plus my Mom on email) about how my counter must be broken!  So thank you ladies, thank you very much.  I even picked up a couple EXTRA followers - to get me to a whopping 12 from 10!  HOLY COW!  So thank you for picking me up, dusting me off, and putting me back on my feet.  It is greatly appreciated!

Nothing really exciting on the home front except for extremely sore breasts the last couple days, along with tummy - I'm on CD 21 - and a perverse craving for green chiles.  I kid you not, yesterday I had them at every meal.  Egg beaters with green chiles and feta for breakfast (absolutely divine!) and coffee, Arroz con Pollo (Chicken and rice with cheese and salsa) and green chiles for lunch, and homemade Weight Watchers mac and cheese with....say it with me chiles for dinner!  What is up with that?  And I could totally do it again tomorrow.  Odd, yes. 

Other than that, I got nothing.  Except I came upstairs at 9 pm to blog a little and be in bed to read so I could shut my eyes at 10 pm and what do you know it is 10 pm RIGHT NOW and I haven't cracked my book.  Dang computer, facebook and blogger!  ARGH!  Alright, time to go...I swear this time.  Dang it - 10:01 pm!

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