Monday, February 1, 2010

Girly day - Part 2

So to reiterate, my Saturday was 99.9% great.  There was just moment that my stress level raised and my hackles were up.  Let me explain....

Kate and I went to get our mani/pedis at my regular place.  They do a really good job for a reasonable cost and it is usually easy to slip in.  Toes done, we wander to the tables for nails.  Kate happened to be having her acrylics filled by the owner so she was chatting with him about her regular place and price, etc.  He mentions that designs on the toe are included with all pedicures.  She got excited and I had forgotten that was the case.  So after nails are done, we waddle back to the chairs to have our toes a little earlier than Kate as I don't have acrylics so my nails don't take as long.  The lady who had been taking great care of me this whole time, asked what I wanted.  I have a beautiful, glittery pink on my nails, so I asked for hearts in honor of Valentine's day.  She politely tells me in broken English that she doesn't know how to do hearts.  I politely reply that that is really what I want so could someone else do it?  She says again, "no heart" and I persist - in my mind all the while thinking, "I paid for this and this is what I want."  I ask if the owner or someone else can do it then again.  She walks over to the owner and has a discussion in a language that isn't English (but I couldn't tell you exactly what it was) and it kind of sounds like he gives her some guidance and tells her to "buck up and figure it out." 

So she returns to me and begins to draw a heart on my right big toe.  First, she makes a heart-ish design with dots.  I held my tongue and figured it could get better.  She gets out the other brush and begins to play connect-the-dots.  At this point, my fingers are digging into my tongue.  I kid you not, it looked like Pac-man was eating my toe!  Yet, she continues to decorate this awful looking heart-thing.  She puts a flower near it and then grabs the glitter polish, at that point I had to stop the insanity!  I mean, I am the one that is going to look at this awful creation for the next month!  So as politely as I can muster, I say, "please stop.  I'm sorry, but that doesn't look like a heart.  Can you please paint over it and maybe get someone else to do it?"  I must have said I was sorry 8 times, (and I should have whipped out my phone and taken a picture so I could post it!) but it was truly awful!  At this point, another much younger woman, comes over and asks if she wants me to do it like her client's toes that look great?  I exclaimed  "please!"  So she fixes it and it looks great! 

What is the reason for this tale you ask?  It is okay to say you are wrong and need help!  But this lady just kept on drawing, as if it looked lovely and I don't know that a heart doesn't look like Pac-man devouring my toe!  She could have easily drawn it and then asked her boss to come over or simply painted over it and asked one of the other girls to do it.  But no, she persisted and had I not said anything she would have done the right toe as well and I would have walked out pissed as all get out. 

I think people are afraid to tell someone that they messed up and that is what is really messed up.  I can recall a ton of instances that I specifically remember because someone passed the buck or argued with me over their correctness, when all I wanted was to have the issue resolved.  I remember a lesson I learned when I worked in the restaurant industry as a server (mostly at Outback Steakhouse in college).  They always told us that if the customer is the LEAST bit upset, to involve a manager and they would fix the situation, because an upset guest will tell everyone they know how they got screwed.  And a happy customer will go home happy, but come back.  Obviously, this is the truth because of the story I just relayed to you (as I have to another 5 people already!).

I have had many bosses since the beginning of my working life and the ones I respect most (to this day) are the ones that don't scream and shout when something goes wrong and the ones who can admit they made a mistake.  For instance, at my first job in media, I remember one of the higher up ladies blaming something on her assistant when I knew for a fact she had made the mistake.  My thoughts of her went down the toilet right then and there.  There is nothing wrong with telling someone you made a mistake people...especially if you give them a good solution to the problem.  It means are human!  Imagine that!  Everybody makes mistakes.  It's how you handle them, that shows your true character.

Here's another story that I will probably remember until I die!  J had to go to a specialist for for an issue he was having with his ears.  At some point, they prescribed him allergy meds and called those into the pharmacy.  We got a call a couple days later from a pharmacy that is about 20 minutes out of our way and at a store we NEVER shop at.  I called to see what was going on and they told me the doc's name and prescription.  So called the doc's office and relayed what I had been told.  Now instead of the nurse simply saying, "ok, where was it supposed to be called in to?" and "I'll get right on it."  She argued with me for 15 minutes, I kid you not!  She told me, "well, that's what he wrote," to which I replied, "I was sitting next to him giving him the information, we don't have that information because we never go to that store and it is 20 minutes out of our way, so no, that isn't the answer."  But she tried to tell me that 6 times.  Then, it was the doctor's fault.  And on and on and on.  Finally, after 13 minutes of this, I just said, "lady, I really don't care whose fault it is, I just want it fixed and had you just said I am sorry 15 minutes ago, we would be done already."  Even with that statement, she got huffy with me.  Come on!  Just solve the issue, I don't care who made the mistake!  It was a misunderstanding, now let's get past it.  Oh yeah, this happened over a year ago and I still remember like it was yesterday.  Why?  Because it was such a drama.  Again, had she just apologized and solved it, it wouldn't even be vaguely remembered.  But now every time we go see that doc, that is what I will think about! 

Let me tell you, I deal with clients every day of all kinds.  I have never felt such gratitude as when we call a client and let them know we made a mistake, but we found it before they did and have a plan to fix it if it isn't fixed already.  They are so happy and gracious that we could tell them we messed up and it's fixed.  Now, don't get me wrong, I hate making those calls and they don't happen all that often, but when they do, it is usually not a big deal.  They like to know we are looking out for their best interest and that we are human!  I know "I'm sorry" can be the hardest words to say sometime, but trust me folks, it is worth it 100%!  I give a ton more respect to someone who can say, "oops!  I messed up, but here is how I intend to fix it," and then they do just that. 

So, one of my first lessons to my yet un-conceived child will be, it is okay to be wrong.  But you need to fess up and fix it!  Please, go forth and don't be afraid to be wrong once in a long as you admit it and learn from it and fix it!  And with that, I'm going to bed!


  1. Yeah I heard her say "no hearts" and I thought, seriously? Who doesn't know how to make a heart? But the final product was super super cute!

  2. Oh I forgot you needed help with some video stuff, right? Give me a call and I'll see what I can do (if anything) to help.


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