Sunday, February 14, 2010

A dream is a wish your heart makes

Hi Bleaders...sorry it's been so long.  Last week was stressful and chaotic for many reasons non-infertility related, but that surely didn't make it any easier.  So blogging was not at the top of my list...keeping my sanity was.

First off, Happy Valentine's Day!  We had a wonderful day together, which hasn't been happening lately with all the events in our lives.  So it was nice to just spend the day together.  We went to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, which if you live in T-town is kind of a big deal.  They have lots of rocks and gems from around the world (including the crown that Napoleon gave to his 2nd wife (Empress Marie Louise) with something like 700 carats of diamonds (that's 950 diamonds) and 79 emeralds than that, which at some point were replaced with Persian turquoise cabochon (I had to look it up).)  We saw so many sparkly things today, my eyes were going insane!!

My Valentine's present was bought there and it is lovely, and no it wasn't the above piece, where would I wear such a thing?  Then we went to lunch afterwards at Mexican restaurant near there where we don't go very often, the food is good, but the service not-so-much.  Anyway, nice day all around.

Secondly, before I head to bed, have to recount the dream I had last night.  We were in Dr.H's office and he was showing us this piece of paper that was supposed to reveal if we were pregnant or not.  It was a little odd because it wasn't printed on there at first, but literally "appeared" in front of our eyes.  And I remember all three of us (Dr. H, J, and me) staring hard at one particular portion of the paper to see what it would say.  It popped up with a * and a P, and Dr. H exclaimed, "You're pregnant!"  And I didn't believe him and I kept looking from his face to the paper to his face to the paper to his face to the paper to his face to the paper, again and again.  And I woke up and had to think about it for more than a few moments as to determine if it was real or a dream.  The only way I was brought back to reality was to remember that we haven't met with Dr. H in a while and therefore haven't paid him for a while.  I didn't pay him in the dream, so therefore it wasn't real.

So a dream is a wish your heart makes is from Disney's Cinderella and I have always loved that Snow White.  Now I know it hasn't been a secret as to what my heart wants, but maybe my heart knows something that the rest of us don't.  Guess we'll find out Thursday.  Cross those hearts folks! 

Happy V-Day and Happy Birthday Arizona!!

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  1. Oh, I'm so excited! I'll be in NYC on Thursday, if you get good news will you secret-text it to me?

    Which restaurant did you go to?

    And what did you get at the gem show?

    So many questions!


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