Sunday, February 21, 2010

So we begin...yet again...30 months in.

AF came 2/16/10.  uterus and mother nature aren't talking and or agreeing on how to act.  It was a disappointing day, but there were no tears as we have been doing this for a while now and sad to say, I am used to it.

Now let's talk about 30.  30 years old and 30 months.  Both hard to believe.  I don't mind the 30 year old thing...or at least I didn't, until I just read that with infertility "30 is the new 35!"  and what that means is that I have even less of a chance of getting pregnant than I did when I was in my 20s.  Here's the Article that lead me to that conclusion.  Essentially it says by age 30, 95% of women have 88% of their eggs are gone.  Wow, what a great thing to read on a Sunday afternoon.  But there isn't anything I can do about it...just try harder.

I also read something else interesting the other day.  I had done a search about tampons and infertility (because of another thing I read - the internet can be a dangerous thing), and came upon a conversation online between a doc and patients asking various questions about infertility.  One of the doc's responses about a question about unexplained infertility (yes, this is our issue) was "IVF works best with unexplained infertility."  I'm not quite sure how to interpret that.  But for whatever reason it opened my mind up more to IVF.  I know it is huge undertaking and don't think that we're signed up for next week or even next month, but maybe it is a little closer on the schedule now.

I am also reading a great book called The Infertility Survival Handbook and while I thought I would be over a lot of it because we've been doing this for so long, it is really interesting.  The author has been through it all...IUI, IVF, adoption (successful and not) and things I didn't even know existed.  Her name is Elizabeth Swire-Falker.  I haven't finished it yet...I've gotten caught up in the Winter Olympics, so my evening reading time has disappeared into Olympic-watching-heaven.  But even if you have been doing this for a while now, I recommend reading the book.  She is highly direct and open, and it is welcome to not be danced around.

Alright, time to prep for another crazy week.  Later my lovely Bleaders!

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