Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Starting Fresh

So after about 2 weeks of eating whatever I wanted (started 11/20 when Michelle got here) thru Thanksgiving, it is time to go back to eating what I should instead of what I want.  So I am starting fresh as they say.  Got on the scale yesterday and wasn't as shocked as I thought I could be considering the past 2 weeks and that AF showed up on Saturday.  But I do know I need to go back.  Had a healthy breakfast this morning, although realized too late that we have NO fruit in the house.  The apples I was depending on have gone bad - go figure, 2 weeks...but they were cut.  So I was reduced to apple juice that I bought for Jason, thankfully it was super low sugar. 

But officially starting fresh.  Worked out this morning with Anna, albeit maybe half-heartedly.  Then, got back in bed, never a wise option because it was SO much harder getting out the second time.  But I finally did and am now half way thru my day.  Nothing more to say, just wanted record that I am starting fresh today and back on WW and plan to do great! Peace!

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