Sunday, December 20, 2009

Julie and Julia

I've been hearing great things about Julie and Julia so knowing my afternoon would be kind of empty, thanks to all the Christmas shopping, wrapping and decorating being done, I figured why not rent it and see.  So I did and it did not disappoint, but this post is about more than just watching the movie.

Did you know that Julia Child and her hubby, Paul, couldn't have kids?!  I did not expect to see that in the film, but there it was.  It was visible if you were more aware I think.  And I can only name two scenes where it was.  First, there was a scene where Julia's sister has recently gotten married, and mails her a letter telling her she is pregnant.  Julia tries to put up a bold front when telling her husband and says "of course I'm happy" but then she breaks down in tears and her hubby is gentle and loving toward her, and has that look that I have seen from J one too many times.  That was the point when I knew.  I don't know if it is because we are there, or if it would be apparent to anyone.

The second scene I saw but it didn't really ring clear to me, and it actually came before the scene described above.  But when I was watching the Special Features, they were talking about how the director put things in but didn't say anything about them, and that was when it hit me.  The second scene is Julia and Paul walking down the Paris sidewalk, very merrily, and a woman with a baby stroller walks by them.  Julia cranes her neck to see the baby and when she turns back towards the camera, there is a hint of sadness in her eyes.  First of all, glorious acting by Merrill Streep!  To capture that moment so quickly and perfectly.  Second of all, kudos to the director.  Those 2 moments probably drew the movie closer to me.

Now another story about Julie and Julia.  This movie has actually come up a couple times this week.  First, about 3 days ago, J said, "you LOVE Julia Child right?"  I don't think those words have ever come out of my mouth or done anything to lead him to that, so I looked at him with a screwed up face and said, "um no, not really."  He looked a little worried and said, "but you wanted to go see her kitchen when we were in DC at the Smithsonian!"  I said, " well she is an icon, but I wouldn't say I love her.  I don't hate her, but I definitely don't love her."  And the conversation ended there.  I thought nothing more of it.

Then, when I finished the movie today and he came in he asked how the movie was.
I replied it was great.
And he said, "but I thought you hated her!"  (Way to listen dear J! see above paragraph).
I said, "I don't hate her, I just don't love her.  I wouldn't buy her book!"
His face hit the floor like a ton of bricks.  "But you said you liked the movie!"
"I did like the movie!"
He says, "well, you are getting the book for Christmas, so sorry!"
I laughed, and said, "Julia Child didn't write the movie, or the book, she is just the inspiration.  I would buy the book the movie is based on, but not one Julia Child wrote!" 
"Oh, well now you know one of your presents.  I shouldn't have said anything!"  He was minorly upset that he had spilled the beans.

He tries so hard to get me things I like and he was so worried that this wouldn't be one of them.  I wondered why the subject had come up a couple times this week!  He's probably the reason I rented the movie.  Well, that and I couldn't find Four Christmases at Redbox.  So sweet that he wants to please and now I am excited to read the book to see how it is written.  So random, and so cute all the same.

If you need a good flick that has little to do with infertility, but will definitely make you hungry (tamales and green chile stew for dinner afterwards, as well as a croissant during the movie!) then see Julie and Julia.  It may have even intrigued me to look into Julia Child's life a bit more, just for the infertility bit.  Enjoy folks!

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  1. I got teary when I saw those parts too. Goes to show you that you never know what is going on behind the scenes in any family. IF is a very common thing.


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