Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New face of Nikus' Road

So, obviously, something is different!  Yes, I went a little crazy last night with making the blog look different.  My friend Kate, at Busted Plumbing has a super-fancy blog and while I won't spend money on this to make it look that cool, I wanted to change it up a bit.  So here is what I came up with.  Hope you like!

In other news, I had the oddest thing happen to me this morning.  I worked out with my friend Anna, and then came up to check email and Facebook, before going to shower and get ready for the day.  When I did that, I got an instant message on FB from my swim coach - Mike.  Now, he and I aren't that close, but we are friends outside of swimming, but we have never chatted that way.  Well, he proceeds to tell me he is stuck in London, England and that he was mugged last night at gun point.  So I asked where Misty (his fiancee) is and he says there with him.  Then I ask who is running practice (knowing my Dad went yesterday and Sunday) and he said "no one" which is highly unlikely...and unlikely that Mike, who is 25 has time and money to jet off to London on a spur of the moment trip around Christmas.  He proceeds to tell me that their flight home is in a couple hours and he just needs cash to settle their hotel bill.  But wouldn't the credit card company get that info when you checked in?  He said he would pay me back when they returned.  I told him to call his Dad (who is the principal of the high school I went to) and he said he didn't want him to know.  What kind of Dad doesn't know their kid is in London and that they got mugged?  It just didn't sound like Mike.  So I kept peppering him with questions, and finally he got offline.  It sounds like someone hacked into his FB or did get his iPhone and is trying to scam on me via him.

So I emailed him outside of FB and Misty on FB, and my Dad to ask if he was at practice yesterday.  Hopefully one of them gets back to me soon.  I hope he is okay in real life and that wasn't really him, but why would he not tell his Dad he was in London? Why wouldn't he go to the Embassy?  Why wouldn't he call the credit card company?  Why would he ask me, of all people, for money because we aren't close at all?  I don't even have his cell number.  It was all just very odd!  I hope he is fine and I will hear from him soon, but how random is that?!

Yikes, watch your FB people!  Will keep you posted if I hear anything.

UPDATE: I heard from my "friend" from his outside address, and that was not from him as well as the FB messages.  Also heard from his fiancee, and she said they were in Tucson and safe!  Also heard from a couple people on my swim team that they received the same message and my coach was at practice yesterday (I was not!).  But the guy kept emailing me from my friend's email account...I was trying to get a location out of him so we could get him and prosecute him, but no luck.  He just wanted $1,690(first he told me 690 pounds - which I knew my friend would have emailed me in dollars) wired to him so he could pay his hotel bills!  I can't believe people will do this.  How SLIMY is that?!  I really wanted to email him back and tell him I knew it was a scam, but didn't want him to turn on me and try to hack me, and was hoping he was stupid and would give me more info so we could catch him!  Especially with the somewhat bad English (another indicator it wasn't my coach)!  Man, what a jerk! 


  1. First off, thanks for the shout out! However, I think the new blog makeover looks absolutely fabulous without spending a dime!

    Second, I heard about this on TV! I can't believe I actually know someone now this happened to. This is getting to be a big scam. They had this grandmother person on the Today show, describing this exact same thing... except she actually send the money to someone she thought was her friend.

  2. I like how this looks now, all I want is for it to be 3 columns instead of 2 and I can't for the life of me figure out how to change just that and not the coloring or mostly anything else! Help!


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