Thursday, December 31, 2009

My hubby is a hottie!

Finally, I can say that I am feeling better!  Not 100%, but if yesterday I was feeling about 25%, then today is maybe 70%!  So that is a vast improvement for me.  Was able to get a couple hours of work done from my bedroom on the laptop, so hopefully when I go back on Monday, I'm not underwater so much.  Anyway, on to my story!

So, if you have been reading the blog lately (obviously blogging a little more than usual these days due to lots of down-time), you read that I have been sick and besides the Dr. prescribed antibiotics, she also told me to eat lots of Eegee's (for those of you not in Tucson, AZ, this is a drink at a locally run restaurant all across Tucson that is basically shaved ice and flavoring that is to-die-for!) because they have lots of Vitamin C in them and would help with the pain from my sore throat and cough.  Well, after I told hubby this on Tuesday night after I had been to the Walgreens Take-Care Clinic up the street (for that experience, read Tuesday's post) he stopped at Eegee's on his way home to pick me up 2 quarts of the good stuff (1 strawberry and 1 pina colada).  I ate them slowly over Tuesday night and Wednesday, and learned that they also help reduce fevers!  Texted dear hubby yesterday afternoon and asked him to pick up more to help me get well.

When hubby came home yesterday, he told me he had gotten me not 2 huge (quart) Eegee's but 4!  When I asked why, he told me he had gone to the Eegee's by his work on his way home Tuesday and this girl had waited on him, then one of his buddies wanted to go there to lunch yesterday (Wed) so they did and the same girl waited on him - this time actually flirting a little bit.  After I texted him and asked for more, he went back and hoping to side-step her, went to the drive-thru, but who was there...correct, said girl! So he ordered the 4 Eegee's and she continued to flirt and even said something like, "You must really like Eegee's!  Or you are just coming to see me!"  Talk about being forward!  He responded with something like, "my wife's doctor told her to eat this to get over her sickness."  I guess the girl balked and said, "WIFE!"  He said yes, and then she said something about, "I've heard about Eegee's being good for colds too."  He paid and left.

A couple thoughts I have about this little situation:
1) I know my hubby is attractive...I think so every day!  Makes me feel good that young girls still hit on him!
2) That girl is really forward!  Man, talk about not playing hard-to-get.  In my day (I know, I am not that old!), we actually waited a little bit for the guy to make the first move, or if we did, we were damn sure about the situation!
3) Hubby and I obviously have a great relationship because he actually told me about this situation, instead of keeping it to himself.  And I think he wanted me to remember how lucky I am...which I have never forgotten!

Today being New Year's Eve and all, I feel that I should reflect on the past year and our struggles and achievements.  First, our achievements...we have dealt with the situation dealt to us and stuck together as a couple, with very few fights.  We have stood behind one another and for the most part, seen eye-to-eye on the decisions we decided to make.  And we have been able to do this, without throwing ourselves under the bus in debt.  For this we are very lucky!  Now for our struggles...yes, we have struggled with this little thing called infertility and have stressed ourselves sometimes to high heaven! That is probably my biggest struggle, stress.  I tend to take things on full force and blame myself for them, even though it's nothing I have done to create this situation.  J has been very supportive through all of this and while he tells me he doesn't understand why I blog, he also hasn't asked me to stop.  So as long as it calms me, he is fine with it.

I have also struggled with my weight, but that is part of my life story.  I am hoping this year will be a bit easier because I think I have a partner in the struggle this time...J.  He has decided that he wants to lose 10 lbs of fat and gain 20 lbs of muscle.  So that means we both need to eat healthier.  When I started WW, I would eat what I knew was good and still buy J whatever he wanted be it chips, cookies, etc.  So now that we both have the same wants, I am hoping it will be a little easier to not buy the crappy food and more of the good food.  We'll see how far he gets, but I think even if is just to lose the 10, we'll be in great shape.

That said, my stomach is growling and it is time for some more soup and Eegee's.  Hope you all have a great New Year's Eve and stay safe.  Love to you all and talk to you next year!  WOW, 2010 already?!

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