Sunday, July 31, 2011


Hello Bleeps (I guess I've adopted this word now and will stop referring to Busted Kate whenever I use it)!  Here we are 3 days after transfer and I'd love to say that I "feel" 100% pregnant already but I don't.  It's too soon to tell I know, but if you thought my pregnancy radar was going nuts before, imagine where it lies now...10 times more sensitive!  But try as I might the only symptoms I can come up with are a little bit of fatigue (which I can contribute to other things) and some soreness in my "girls".  Other than that, I feel great...which isn't a bad way to feel at all, but I want to feel something!

So what is today's title about?  J.  Again.  I know I write a lot about my husband, but he is kind of a leading factor in all of this and by my side constantly.

Last night we went to dinner with Trainer, Mrs. Trainer and Baby Trainer.  Baby Trainer is now 2 months old and growing like a weed, but ridiculously cute.  We went to a Greek Restaurant and no sooner had we walked in a family with two small children walked in a boy and a girl, and the children were a bit nutso.  J looked at me and said, "that's what we're in for" with a bit of fear in his voice, and I said, "I know."  Pretty soon the Trainers walked in and we headed to our table, Lil Trainer in his car seat fast asleep, cute as can be.  Mrs. Trainer, having given birth 2 short months ago, looked AMAZING as usual.  I have never seen her NOT look amazing, even at boot camp at 6 am.  She is just "that" lady that is blessed!  So we chatted and had our dinner, all the while, keeping an eye on Lil Trainer sleeping, even as the band started to play not far off and fire breathers were 10 feet away. 

I'm a fast eater, even though I wasn't that fast last night, I still finished before everyone (healthy chicken covered in spinach and pesto with Greek salad).  So Trainer asked if I wanted to hold Baby Trainer and I gladly said yes.  He was passed over the table to me and after a moment or two of squirming and getting comfortable, finally settled into my shoulder.  I was in H-E-A-V-E-N!  J was still eating but was definitely curious about this little creature cuddled up on me.  I must have held him for 20 or 30 minutes and while he occasionally squirmed, banged his head, or squished himself down into a ball even more, he really didn't cry.  He was happy as can be.  Finally, J was done eating and I asked if he wanted to hold him.  Now J doesn't hold babies.  He's afraid he'll break them.  With a little prodding from Trainer and Mrs. Trainer, he said he would and I handed the lil man over.  Again, Lil Trainer moved around a bit and looked like he was going to wail (which led J to be slightly terrified for a second) but then settled down.  And that was when J turned into a pro.  He was bouncing him and rubbing his back and he was smitten.  He held him for a good 20 minutes before handing him back to me to go to the restroom.  J was entranced by his soft skin, his firm grip and his small-ness.  It was beautiful to watch and Lil Trainer gave J just the training he needed.  I think I even heard him say, "I hope our baby is like this."


As you can tell, we had a wonderful evening with two three amazing people who also let us pepper them with questions about pregnancy and having a newborn and are wonderful friends.  I'm so glad they are in our lives! And I'm glad they let us "practice" a bit on their little wonder.  Thanks you two!

Are we ready?  I'm gonna say "You betcha!"  Bring it on....we're in for the ride of our lives!


  1. It was definitely our pleasure! We had such a good time - you two are naturals, and we can't wait to hold your bundle(s) of joy:). What a great evening!!!

  2. Eenie and Mo will have one heck of a good Daddy :)


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