Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcome to Nikus' Belly Eenie and Mo!

I know that is a weird title but things are a little weird around here lately.  Who knew when I was trying to get preggers with my hubby's baby there would need to be 7 people in the room?!  Not me for sure!

So let's discuss yesterday (actually last Thursday - couldn't get the blog to email out - so read this as if I posted it on July 29th, which I did) didn't "quite" go to plan, but it still worked out.

First, if you saw the previous post you know I was up at 3 am because I had to pee and then my brain "booted up" and there was no more sleep in my future.  So rolled around in bed for a while, then finally got up to blog because that was part of what was rolling around in my head.  Blogged til about 4:30 am, tried to go back to sleep for about a half hour before I had to be up for boot camp (no success there) and finally gave up and got ready for boot camp.  Out of the house a little early, water in hand.  Silently wondered, "will this be enough water?  I'm supposed to drink double."  And by the time I got near boot camp my water was almost empty (all 32 ounces GONE) so I swung by the gym and filled up the bottle, then raced back to the park where when I arrived and got out of the car Meanie Christinie, Lobster and Robot all started doing the happy dance for me!  I seriously love those ladies!  That was followed by hugs from each one - start counting, there were a lot of those on Thursday.  Took it kinda easy at boot camp, no running, half-assed it a bit much to Meanie's dismay and Doc's orders, and then we were done.  Another hug from each of them - now we're at 6, and off to the gym to get dressed.  Good thing I went and got water because I downed the second at boot camp!

Dropped my stuff in the locker room and since the shower was in use, I went out to eat my apple and found some friends, Kris (a different trainer) gave me a hug and I said, "today's the day!"  He smiled and said, "you are in my prayers!"  Then Trainer came over and just very silently gave me a great hug, whispering in my hear, "today will be a good day!" and I said, "today will be a GREAT day!"  Finally, shower was free and away I went.  Quick healthy breakfast that I had brought with me afterwards and off to Acupuncture.  So now we're at 8 hugs?

Met my acupuncturist and we did our thing there, feelin' really good now.  I listen to my Circle & Bloom IVF meditations during acu, so that relaxed me a lot.  Jetted out of there after a hug from Debi (that's number 9) and home to get some work done.

Got some things done and pretty soon looked at the clock to realize it was noon and I wasn't done.  Wrapped things up as best I could and ran downstairs to start peeling eggs (remember, I was taking Deviled Eggs again) when J came home from work.  So he walks in and I am eating lunch, shelling eggs and drinking water like a mad woman.  Finally 12:30 pm hits and my alarm on my phone signified it was time for Valium (my "happy" pill).  Now I'm on to the "deviling" part of the egg and I start to get woozy from the Valium.  Thankfully, deviled eggs are easy and I could finish quickly before the drugs really kicked in.  But I really started to feel drunk...having not been drunk for a while, it was interesting!  And then it was time for us to go.

Filled the water bottle again and downing it on the way to Dr. H for our appointment at 1:30 pm.  Walked in and didn't even have to give them my name as J handed them the eggs, they knew (mission accomplished!).  Almost immediately, we got walked back to the room where I had been retrieved, however this time J was with me and there were no needles involved.  Here's my feet in the stirrup boots...
I thought it was humorous that my toes matched the booties!  Anyway, Nurse Pamela checked my bladder with the ultrasound machine to see if it was full enough and it was not (even though I had had 4 bottles of water already, but peed in between...but not since 12:30!) so J refilled my bottle and down it went in 10 minutes.  Nurse Pamela came back and deemed us ready.  In comes Dr. H, another doc, Nurse Pamela and we're ready to go.  Then as Dr. H is telling me the exact procedure (which I felt none of thanks to Mr. Valium) the "drive-thru" like window behind him opened and there's the lab and the lab tech with our embryos.  Dr. H preps me and Nurse Pamela is holding the ultrasound thing to my belly so we can see the catheter go in, then he says, "I'm ready!" and out come the embryos in their tube.  We all watch the screen...I don't know about J, but I don't think I was breathing.  We were told when they were released there would be a flash, which was the liquid being deposited and sure enough there was.  They checked the catheter to make sure both embryos came out and they did, closed me down and now it's time to wait for about 15 minutes to give them some time to get comfy.  I decided to name them Eenie and Mo (you know like..."eenie, meenie, miney, mo").  They also gave us a picture of our little ones....
How weird is that?  I have my first baby pictures!  Ha, I finally beat the Fertile Myrtles, they have to wait for the first ultrasound, I get to look at mine under a huge microscope before they even go in!  Finally, I win! (smile)  The only instructions Dr. H gave us was no BDing or exercise for 5 days, and to eat healthy. 

We wait and now I'm counting down the seconds because I really (I mean R-E-A-L-L-Y) have to pee.  Finally, deemed okay to get up and I asked J to double check that peeing was allowed to which he told me, "yes, Nurse Pamela says in an hour."  Now my hubby is a jokester but at that point, I wasn't believing it.  I made him tell me three times and finally he relented and said, "you can go now" and I heard Nurse Pamela laughing behind the door at my relief!  I released my overly full bladder, gave a sigh of relief, got dressed, checked out, gave them my credit card so they could make the hole in it bigger, and away we went home.  Texted a crowd of people on our way home to let them know all was well and got a SLEW of texts back - thanks to all!  Had a little healthy snack and finally up the stairs to bed because the 3 am wake-up and Valium were working together to make me tired.  Slept for about 2 hours and then woken up by J to get ready for Dad and Mom to pick me up to go to the Healing Mass.

J left to go wash my car (he does take care of me) and pretty soon the doorbell rang and it was time to go.  Mom and Dad (again, 2 hugs here so we're at 11?) and I went to Chipotle for dinner, where I had the salad and lots of good, healthy toppings then to Mass.  The Healing Mass always tugs at my heartstrings and makes me cry, not to mention all the meds I am on.  So of course that was going on.  It wasn't quite as insightful as the last one, but still served its purpose well and made me feel that not only are my parents behind me in all this, but God is too.  Finally got home about 8:45 pm, more hugs from Mom and Dad (13 if you are still counting) and inside to find J.

Now this is where the day went a bit pear-shaped.  What I didn't know was that when J took my car to wash it, on his way back it died.  Flat out died!  He pushed it to the side of the road and being the good magician mechanic that he is, he investigated and tried to figure out what was happening.  Thinking it was the alternator, he WALKED probably half a mile home to get his truck and our boat battery to try and jump my vehicle.  Back to my vehicle and couldn't jump it.  Put the boat battery in and he got it started.  Raced home and got it into the garage just as it died.  Then he had to WALK the half mile again back to his truck and drive home.  So he was beat when I got home.  Was able to get my truck started this morning by charging the battery all night and to the dealership where we hope they can fix it.  I'm (and he is) just glad it happened to him and not me!  I'm already seeing the effects of people doting on me, which I must say isn't bad.  I've had numerous people say today, "you get out of this heat" and "do you need a chair?"  Me likey!

About 10 pm we decided we had had enough and went to bed.  I said good night to the pups.  The cat.  The hubby.  And for the first time, Eenie and Mo.  Let's hope it isn't the last.

I wish I could say today was calm, but it really wasn't. J got the car to the dealership and don't quite know what the deal is yet, but very thankful it is under warranty.  Had an appointment that took forever this morning, then came home to catch up on work, and finally I'm ready to relax a bit.  Dinner with the folks tonight and mani-pedi tomorrow!  Time to sign off for now...will update with any news or thoughts...look for "to test or not to test" soon...


  1. Im so glad for the most part it all went well today! Sorry to hear about the car situation!

  2. I am so impressed with your faith, courage, and perseverance! (not to mention your bladder strength! I would have wet myself by 7 am!) good thoughts and good vibes being sent your way!

  3. Thanks for the update! Glad you survived the day and all that water. Sending love and prayers and all things nice to you, J, your pets and Enie and Mo.

  4. It was a long and eventful day for you wasn't it!? I am praying hard that those little lovlies are sticking hard in there!
    Remember to take it easy and think good positive thoughts for your embies.
    The full bladder thing killed me. I had to ask to empty part of it before the procedure because I couldn't stand it. You are a trooper for sure!
    Good Luck!!!

  5. Praying for sticky eenie & mo! We had our 3 day transfer today! 2 beautiful embies.... I love the comment of getting to see our babies before they get put back! My husband put it on his phone and is very proud.


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