Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Home from Pinetop

No dearest Bleeps, I haven't fallen off the planet.  I've been up in Northern Arizona where they haven't discovered internet yet.  They have internet, but the cabin we rented for a week didn't have wifi so we had a vacation from technology for a bit and it was wonderful! 

Our little vacation was just what we needed, although it wasn't all that calm.  It was me, J, MBM, MBM's hubby and their kids for 2 days.  Then the rest showed up...MBM's Mom and Dad, MBM's hubby's Mom and Dad, MBM's bro-in-law and her niece (MBM's sister was at a work thing).  Plus we also saw J's parents while we were there, had J's BFF from HS with us, saw a couple of my Mom and Dad's BFFs.  Then on the way home we met my parents half-way and had lunch with them, and left them to see J's grandparents.  That's A LOT of family.  The only people we didn't see were both of my grandmothers.  Other than that, we saw everyone!  But it was great fun.  The weather was cooler and we were with people we love.  What more can take your mind of embies growing in my belly?  Even though everyone wanted to know about Eenie and Mo!  But they ask because they care!

A couple funny stories from our trip...

The first night the rest of the family arrived we had a big dinner out planned.  The restaurant saw us coming because they put us in a room all by ourselves, 9 adults and 3 kiddos (ages 5, 3, and 2).  Dinner was fine and good, but as children do they got a little bored and ended up running around the deserted room (save for us).  I looked at J and he looked a little worried.  At one point he leaned over to me and said, "If we have twins, you are NEVER leaving me alone with both of them at the same time!"  I laughed and said, "that street goes both ways buddy, then you can never leave me!  We'll figure it out."  He was truly terrified though.

I don't quite remember what night it was but we were all hanging around outside and I realized it was time for my shot so I went inside to prepare.  MBM's bro-in-law had been in his room and when he came out I was filling my syringe.  Now what you must know is that MBM bro-in-law is not only a police officer, but a rather high ranking police officer in a very scary division of the department.  I have never seen a man tense up so much when he saw that needle.  He practically screamed, "what the hell are you doing?!"  I said, "my shot!"  This was followed with a variety of questions such as, "where does that go?" and "how far does it go in?" and "why, why, WHY?"  I finally said, "you chase bad guys all the time and this little needle freaks you out?  You have people shoot at you and this needle makes you dance like I have never seen before?"  He replied, "I would rather chase down a crack head than put that thing anywhere in my body!"  For the rest of the weekend, whenever he looked at me he kind of did an inner shudder thinking about the needle.  So much for big tough guy! (smile)

And on our last night there, we just made dinner at the cabin because we had lots of various leftovers. MBM and I had prepared most of it, so to us that meant we didn't have to do the dishes.  After they sat there for a while we both started to wonder what the deal was.  We were inside staring at the kitchen with our arms crossed and MBM's Dad came up and stood next to us to see what we were looking at.  We both started laughing.  Then I couldn't stop.  So they started laughing at me.  Finally, I got it under control and we decided to see how many people we could get to join us standing there.  Sure enough, here comes MBM's bro-in-law trying to figure out what we were staring at.  And again, I just started laughing and couldn't stop...laughing so hard tears were rolling down my cheeks.  I haven't laughed that hard for a while.  Somehow it was just so funny to me and so needed!

As you can tell, we had a wonderful trip and it was just what the doctor ordered!

In other quick news, I'm feeling fine, still crampy and sore.  But otherwise fine.  Will let you know when we know.  Have a wonderful week Bleaders!


  1. Glad to hear you had such a great time. Been thinking about you lots.

  2. Don't forget squirrel fishing! That was a great trip. Calming (sortof HAHA), quiet (well, kinda), relaxing (not really) kinda trip with kids. heh. Fun, great fun. Loved it, gotta do it again. One with family, and one without kids. *sigh*


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