Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I have nothing to say, but I have everything to say

Hi folks. 

I'm a little quieter, I realize. 

There's a lot going on and I'm just waiting it out.

Blogger is having issues emailing the blogs out. 

I did post quite a bit last week.

I guess I'm just a little disappointed this morning that I have lost a couple followers, possibly because I've gone a bit quiet.  I'm sorry that I haven't been sharing as openly as usual, but there is just a lot going on right now and we're trying to deal and catch our breath.

I'm still here.  I'm fine.  J is fine.  Everybody is fine. Just busy and a bit overwhelmed. 

Will be back soon.


  1. Still here, not going anywhere. Ready to hear whatever, whenever.

    Hang in there with whatever is going on sweetie!

  2. I'm here, too! Quiet sometimes just means busy with other aspects of life...I completely understand. Hope you are well!

  3. Sending hugs. It's ok to be overwhelmed and take a break. I am recovering from lap surgery here...

  4. Either way, dealing with the outcome of IVF is very emotional. Take your time.

  5. Hi,

    I've been following you but I'm not a "follower" all official-like. I hope everything is settling down and you come and update everyone soon!


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