Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How am I feeling?

I've had this question quite often in the past couple days and usually my answer is "fine" or "I don't know."  And that really sums it all up....night Bleeps! 

Just kidding...

For the most part I have no qualms except that I am a bit tired but I can chalk that up to many things.  The cramps and sore "ladies" I can only equate to one thing.  ONE.  THING.  Take a wild gander.  Sunday night I actually had some pretty harsh pain in my abdomen about midnight but no blood, similar to when my cyst ruptured but not quite as intense.  Called Dr. H on Monday and emailed Holly (yay, she has returned!) to make sure everything was okay.  Nurse Pamela relayed the message from Dr. H saying it was probably just implantation and that's good.  Holly said that because of everything going on down there, it could have been a myriad of things, and my body and brain are focusing on the uterus.  So not to worry on both counts.

Then, talked to a friend told me today and that she had had severe cramping before her first child was born and she didn't know she was preggers, to the point of a doc visit.  So not to stress about the cramping. 

I did try to sleep on my belly last night (that's my favorite way to sleep) and I couldn't bear it because the "ladies" were screaming at me! 

A quick note on to POAS (pee on a stick) or not before the blood test.  J and I have discussed and we have opted not to do this.  I feel in my heart that it will be positive, but I also don't trust my body or home pregnancy tests anymore.  I fear that it will pop up negative and dash my spirit.  And we've been told it can show a false positive because it is earlier than you would usually take a test like this.  So, the appointment with the lab is scheduled and we'll both be together when we get the results. 

Now, after we are told we are preggers, you can bet that I'll be peeing on sticks left and right to finally see that 2nd pink line I've been looking for for so long.

My eyelids are drooping fertility friends.  So I am off...don't worry about me if I fall off the radar a bit.  Just need a little time to collect my thoughts.  Back soon and appreciate you all SOOOOOOOOO very much!

ps: Holly loved the names we gave to our embies....Eenie and Mo! (yay ME!)


  1. Hi there! I actually logged in specifically to send you some supportive thoughts and you had posted! Yay! Glad to hear you are hanging in there.

    I have been thinking about you during your IVF process. Thank you for sharing so openly with us all. I didnt want to bug you, I just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Share when you are ready - we are all here for you!

    Positive thoughts, positive thoughts!

  2. I've also heard it a lot that when you are pregnant you get cramping. (I had it a lot with my first IUI and I wasn't pregnant through :( ) That was more because I had an idiot doctor. LOl.
    Thinking you and I just KNOW this will be positive.


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