Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The protective vibe, I dig it

Hello again dearest Bleeps.  See I haven't deserted you!  This one won't be very long, but I've been thinking about it a lot.

Again, I'm going to talk about J.  He has made me laugh so much lately.  He's truly been a gem through all of this stuff.  Helping me during the retrieval when everything hurt or I needed food.  But ever since the transfer on July 28th, he's been uber-protective.

You may remember that the doc told me to not exercise or do anything strenuous for 5 days after transfer.  Well, after that we were in Pinetop so there was no working out.  But he made sure he did all the heavy lifting.  He was watchful of where I was, that I was fed, watered and had a restroom nearby.  Even though our 5 day period is over, he's still very watchful over me.  I went to put something in the mail yesterday and he said, "I can do that." I appreciate the gesture, but I'm not dead...I can walk 20 feet to the mailbox in 30 seconds of 105 degree heat.  If I'm pregnant, I'm gonna have to do a lot more than that!!  However, it is very sweet and I appreciate that he wants to make sure he is helping as much as possible.

If he is this protective and we don't know the results, what is he going to be like when we find out we are pregnant?! I hope we find out!

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