Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On the eve of Conception

Hello Bleeps (I'm stealing Busted Kate's name for her Blog Peeps)!  I know I said I wouldn't abandon you, but it's been a crazy week as you can well imagine.  And here we are at the precipice of our new adventure!

Tomorrow, two embryos (technical term: blastocsysts) will be deposited into my uterus, with the hope that one or both will implant and grow to be one or two beautiful babies.  Who knew it would take this much to get us pregnant?!  I'm still a little timid about the whole thing, but everything just feels like it is falling into place too perfectly for this not to work.  There's some other things that have been happening this week too, but for now that will remain on the back burner and I promise to update you more as that comes to fruition!

So here's my plan for tomorrow:

5:15 am - Get up
6:00 am - Boot-camp with Meanie Christinie (drink water)
7:00 am - Shower, get ready at the gym, breakfast (drink water)
8:15 am - Acupuncture (drink water)
9:00 am - Home to work for a few hours (drink water)
Noon - Stop work, have lunch, J home from work (drink water)
12:30 pm - Take Vicodin and begin to drink my liter of water (drink more water)
1:00 pm - Leave the house
1:30 pm - Appointment with Dr. H (TRANSFER time!)
2:30 pm - Transfer complete, have relaxed with legs up, time to go home and rest
3:00 pm - Home to rest, with legs elevated, possibly take a nap
5:30 pm - My Dad comes to pick me up (still not allowed to drive) to take me to dinner
7:00 pm - Go to Healing Mass with Mom and Dad (Read my first experience with Healing Mass here)
8:30 pm - Home and to bed rather early

So that's where my day is tomorrow!  Kind of exciting and full if you ask me. However, now I refer to my diet as the "milk, water and Snickers" diet.  I can't have carbs and I'm only allowed low glycemic foods.  So while reviewing the list online I discovered that Snickers bars are a "low glycemic" food.  I kinda think it's partly due to the nuts in it, but I don't care!  I'm just happy there's actually something I can eat (not in excess) since so many things have been taken away.  I can't have bananas, grapes, pineapple, most breads, tortillas, you get the picture.  I at least aim to only have carbs at one meal a day, and very little at that.  So far I've done pretty well, it really matters to me now because we're so close to this actually happening!

Well, I guess this is where I've run out of things to talk about.  Are you amazed?

Again, remember to let me tell you when I feel comfortable that we're preggers.  And don't worry about me if I fall off the planet for a little bit.  It's just going to be hard for me to blog when I don't want to talk about the situation at hand.

So here we go...time for blast-off!


  1. Oh good luck!! That is so exciting! I didn't talk much about my situation after transfer either. Not about symptoms or gut feelings or positive pregnancy tests.
    I completely get you wanting to 'get away' from the craziness.

    I pray for at least one healthy pregnancy and I hope that you follow in my footsteps and end up with twinnies!


  2. Good luck Niki!!
    I'm glad you have your day so planned out, it reduces some of the stress..
    Take your time and space.


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