Friday, July 15, 2011

Whoa...who are you?

Hello dear ones, how are you?  Long time no see! I've been a busy little bee this week and haven't had time to blog.  Let's see if I can get everyone caught up without having a 10-page blog...

We left off on Sunday, so let's go to Monday.  I woke up with a wonderful migraine and opted to work from home since every time I stood up I got dizzy and had serious pain in my head.  Remember, I started estrogen pills on Saturday.  I think this was related to that.  Tuesday was much better and I even had a good bit of energy and returned to boot camp.  Wednesday I think it is entirely possible that I yawned at least 100 times over the course of the day.  I was simply exhausted! 

Thursday, I had my OB appt scheduled and about an hour beforehand the office called because the Dr. OB had been called away for an emergency.  So we rescheduled, again!  I had to fill her in on why we rescheduled last time and she understood.  It all ended up being okay because we are in the process of renovating our office and I could move things before the painters got there early this morning.  Just as I left I realized I had a message on my phone from the mani/pedi I was heading for...she was running 30 minutes late.  Boo!  As this was a new place, care of Groupon, I took my time getting there and chatted with Schelle to pass the time - always enjoyable.  Walked in and after being greeted by a lady doing hair, still saying she was late, I feared the worst.  You guessed it, she didn't start me 30 minutes late, but 60 minutes late!  Now I had big plans for last night including laundry and packing for my trip to Montreal tomorrow.  After she finally started, she took her time (which I usually appreciate) but this time instead of just under 2 hours for manicure and pedicure, I left after about 3.25 hours of actual procedure and 1 hour of waiting.  Folks, I got home at 9:45 pm last night, having not had dinner yet, not done laundry and not packed at all!  Picked up a bite on the way home for J and myself and hit the hay right after the last bite!

So today started off fine and dandy with going to the gym early, but not as early as I had hoped for.  Got through my workout, and went to get ready and realized that I didn't have any chonies!  Lovely...that's what happens when I get home late and don't have time to pack for the gym properly! Got ready, sans chonies, and to work I went.  Got to the office just about 9 am, only to find that it looks like a bomb went off in our suite.  I should have taken a picture!  Anyway, the painters were there and doing there thing, leaving us a small area to wrap up  before the weekend.  Managed to get the few things I needed to done, only to scoot out the door for today's big event when MBM came to pick me up, and thankfully run me to Target for chonies!

Side note: I have one wonderful Dad by blood.  He is a great big teddy bear and I love him dearly.  But I also have 2 surrogate fathers that I have adopted over the years.  Dad Ledford is one of those and he's MBM's Dad by blood.

So today's big event was Dad Ledford coming home from Iraq where he has been deployed for 6 months.  He's my Dad's age and went back into the military after working for American Airlines for a good long while and he was deployed last December to Iraq.  So the family, me (the adopted daughter), and a few friends headed to lunch, then the airport to give him a hero's welcome.  And it, of course, turned out to be an adventure! 

We had lunch then caravanned in at least 4 different vehicles to the airport where we met up with MBM's sister's hubby's friend who worked for Airport Police.  He was going to escort us all to the gate.  Everyone was decked out in red, white or blue and we had signs, flags, and balloons with us.  We met with the officer and were told that since we weren't going through security, we needed to all stay together and couldn't divert to the bathroom or stores or or anything away from the watchful eye of airport security.  So we started our trek, past security (not going thru mind you), through the back alley-ways of the airport, outside on the tarmac, upstairs, and finally back inside to the gate.  Then we waited, and waited and waited.  And finally, the plan landed and Dad Ledford was home!  Here's just a couple of the 58 photos I took in about an hour!

 Heading into the airport, balloons and signs in hand.

 Mama Ledford, MBM's sis, and MBM

 Going through one of the many back doors to get to the gate

 The 13 of us family and friends waiting to welcome him home.  I'm on the far right.

 Mama heading down to the aircraft to greet him first!

First view of the crowd gathered to welcome him home!

This was just after he walked in and he said, "where's my girls?" then hugged MBM's sister.  I wasn't quick enough to zoom out. But oh, what a moment.

 MBM's turn to hug and cry!

 Time for the grandkids' turns at hugs!

 Little E wouldn't let him go and needed to be with Grumpy (that's what they call him instead of Grampy)

 Little E got his wish!

 MBM's sister, still in awe that he is home safe.

 Walking down to baggage claim, welcomed by applause from waiting passengers.

MBM and Little E and Big E.

What a way to end a week!  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO very happy he is home to this cool temperature...95 in AZ instead of 117 in Iraq!  Grateful for his service and his safe return home to all those that love him so much!

And I get to go back to the airport tomorrow, but not at such a decent time as today's 1 pm arrival, 5:30 am for my 7:30 flight to Montreal for work.  Will be a nice little get-a-way, but heck of an early Saturday.  So will be offline for a few days.

Oh and let's not forget to mention, transfer is in 13 days!  YOWZA!  We're almost there!  Happy weekend folks!

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  1. Have fun in Montreal! I hope it's cooler than it is here...


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