Friday, July 1, 2011

A reading from Angel Ash

Hello my lovelies!  I hope you all have something fun planned for the July 4th weekend, even if that is just resting.  We have a few parties, but unfortunately J has to work tomorrow.  Boo!  At least he has Monday off!

I emailed Angel Ash last night to see if she had any words from my Angels about this month's activities.  I know some of you might not believe in this stuff, but I can't NOT believe in it.  She hits the nail on the head every time and this time was no different! This morning, she asked if she could call so we could talk about what I wanted to know.  Of course I said yes!  So here's what we talked about:

She asked how many embryos the doctor should put in (and let me say that my gut has really felt like 2 all along, not necessarily because we want twins, but just knowing it gives us a better shot at getting a baby or two babies) and the answer Angel Ash got was 2! 

The next question she asked was will this cycle work?  The answer she got was YES!  And I just got chills repeating that answer to you.

Then she asked if there was anything I needed to know for this cycle.  The cards she pulled were:
SPRING (which is a photo of a girl sitting in a flower) - this card means a variety of things: pregnancy, birth, projects will be successful, along with a few things that I didn't write down.
BE YOURSELF - basically meaning "feel what you need to feel" and "stand up for what you want."  To me that says to go along with our gut feeling of implanting 2 and getting Dr. H to agree.

Her next question was is there anything we can do to help this work and she pulled:
VEGETARIAN card - not meaning I need to go full vegetarian, but that I need to eat healthy (and I emailed Holly yesterday to ask when I needed to go back to no caffeine, no alcohol, no sweeteners, etc and she said after the holiday weekend - after a little pushing from me!)
STAND UP FOR YOUR BELIEFS - again back to the 2 embryos to transfer!
and the last card made me verbally gasp:
DAUGHTER - that is what I want soooooo badly!  I will be happy with a son, don't get me wrong, but I really want a daughter.

The last question she asked was "is there anything we need to know about this pregnancy/IVF cycle" and the card she pulled was:
DAUGHTER (again!) - um.....WOW!
PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE - this basically means that now I should be living as if I were pregnant, and positive thinking is a good thing.  Think that this will work and know it in my heart because the Angels say it will.  Angel Ash said "if you fully believe in something, positive thinking goes that much further!"

The last thing that Angel Ash and I talked about was the baby(ies) being due in April.  I told her that I was born on my parent's anniversary and it would be possible if we got pregnant with this cycle.  She said as soon as I started telling her that story she knew where it was going and got chills. 

I'm now thinking this will work!  I'm so grateful for her time and what she was able to tell me.  If you want a reading from Angel Ash, please go to her Facebook page by clicking here.  It's an amazing experience to hear what your Angels want for you and she is just an amazing lady! 

I had a mini-breakdown to J on Wednesday night.  We were having a discussion about something totally unrelated and he asked where all this was coming from, and I finally was able to say, "I'm scared!  I'm scared this won't work."  He switched into supporter mode and was ideal saying that, "we need to be positive because everyone (the doc) is saying we have great potential for pregnancy and we have so many good embies.  And if the first cycle doesn't work, we have plenty of back-ups.  And he's there with me for the whole process."  That calmed me down enough where I could breathe again and know, once again, that he has my back and we are in this together.  I haven't doubted that for a long time, but it's nice to hear him say it.

And the other perfect thing that is in the works is we're trying to go back up to Pinetop for a little vacation with MBM, her hubby, and their kids, as well as maybe some other family members.  It is slowly falling into place, people are able to get time off from work, and things are working out.  It would also be great because I would come back to be tested to see if I am pregnant and J would take that day off from work.  It would be so awesome to have him home with me when we found out.  So either we get to celebrate together or cry together, without me having to tell him either way when he got home from work.  Just feels entirely right!

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