Friday, July 22, 2011

6 days and counting....

Ok, I know I keep saying this, but sorry for being absent so long!! Things have been a bit crazy!

Montreal was good, albeit VERY hot and humid. Now, I know you are thinking, "Nikus, you live in AZ! It gets to 115 in the summer!" And yes, that's true. But, it's a dry heat and that truly makes a difference I have learned recently. Getting off the plane on Tuesday and having an audible sigh because that "dry heat" felt so much better was wonderful.

When mom and I were flying back from Canada, we were in line for Customs standing behind a family of 2 five-year old twin girls, their older brother, and their mom. These girls were soooo very beautiful! But it occurred to me that if we have two girls, I have no name for one of them. Let me my phone, I have a memo of boys and girls names. The boys are a huge variety, the girls have all the same first name, only the middles differ. If we have 2 girls, I'm gonna need another name.  Now I realize we have plenty of time, but it was a small realization that this is going to work and we could have two kiddos next year! Amazing.

I also realized that I'm very sensitive to parenting now. We encountered many families on this trip and I was quick to form opinions based on minute details. Not gonna say that they were dead on, but they we're there. Like the father in the airport, waiting for mom to get back while he watched the kids who was on the phone for about 45 minutes, paying them no mind and getting mad when they demanded his attention once or twice. And the father on the plane listening to his child read to him and telling her how proud he was of her. Then switching so mom could have her turn too. Both constantly telling the child and each other how proud they were of her! I want to be that parent, not the one annoyed with their child for existing and interrupting the phone call. I think this process will stick with me forever and I will never take my child for granted.

But back to us....yesterday was kind of a big day. We had an ultrasound with Dr. H to make sure everything is on track for next week's transfer. AND...we had "the discussion" about how many embryos. Plus a whole bunch of other questions.  I was really worried about "the discussion."  Whenever I mentioned having more than one embryo put in to Holly she said he would probably say no.  I even told J in the waiting room that I was getting nervous about it.  Our appointment was at 8:45 am and J and I were coming from different places.  I had gone to boot camp with Meanie Christinie at 6 am, showered at the gym and come from there.  J was coming from home.  So we waited.  And waited.  And WAITED.  Finally, got called in about 9:20 am.  Dr. H came in about 9:30 am.  And the fun began.  Dr. H saw that I had my notebook and smiled, saying he had seen the version I dropped off to them and liked it.  Then he asked what my questions were, stopping himself saying, "Wait, first, how many are we doing?  One or two?"  I quickly looked at J and said, "Two?!"  His response was, "ok."  Done!  That was our discussion! Whew!

J said, "we're okay with twins."  Dr. H then began to talk about complications and the like, but also mentioned a couple stories of past patients and their experiences.  I just said, "I feel 2 is the right number.  Not that we'll necessarily get 2 babies, but if we do, we've weighed the consequences and we're up to speed."  Dr. H said that was all he needed to hear.  TWO IT IS!  YAY!

We proceeded with my next questions:
1) What exercise can and can't I do after transfer?  His answer was "for the 5 days directly after transfer, exercise should be mild...walking on a treadmill, elliptical, etc.  No boot camp, heavy  lifting, etc.  (Sorry Meanie!).  After the 5 days are up, (August 3), back to normal exercise is fine."   This lead to a discussion about next Thursday's exercise routine.  Transfer isn't until 1:30 pm, originally it was at 10:45 am.  So I'll actually work in the morning, then go get embryos in my belly.  I'll even go to boot camp, with the only stipulation being that I need to take it kind of easy (he said go to half) and I need to drink double the water I usually do!  Then he said, "no sugar" so I think "bye-bye" to the sweets in my brain, and he keeps going saying, "no fruit and no carbs."  SaY WhAt?!  I love my fruit and it's healthy!  Again, with the carbs?!  What does he have against carbs?  He said that they don't want anything in my system to make my insulin spike.  So my brain heard, "no fruit!"  (I finally called back today to talk to Randi - Holly until Holly's return on August 1st - and she clarified that he just meant to cut back on fruits, aim for more veggies and watch the glycemic index.  Just looked it up, we're good!)  And since I've been taking them all these goodies, he also said, "you like to bake sweets," to which I replied, "that's only for you guys!"  J backed me up and said, "yeah, I never get that stuff!"  So then Dr. H was less worried I think.

2) Can I go horse-back riding when we go to Pinetop?  Quick answer was "no, it's too dangerous."  Huh?  I've ridden horses since I was little and never really had a problem.  Dr. H was more concerned about the horse throwing me than the general movement.  He said his daughter had once been thrown from a horse down a 150 foot cliff, so I understand why he's a little gun-shy about it. 

3) Can I have more drugs?  I was out of Doxycycline and some other med that Holly had said their office could give me.  So just asked for that situation to be fixed.

4) The information about "transfer day" says not to wear anything scented, me or J.  Apparently, embies don't like it and have issues if you do.  I wanted to see how far that went.  Are we talking shampoo? deoderant? toothpaste?  Everything has a scent these days!  He said, just things like perfume, cologne, etc. 

5) And my last question was how many, but we'd already decided that was 2!

Now, time for the exam and it was fine.  He says we are ready to go.  He left, I got dressed, J and I walked out to where Randi was going to go over my meds and I sent J to work.  We went over a couple things and got everything clear in my mind (clear as mud anyway) and off I went to pick up my Doxycycline.  Randi did give me the meds Holly had instructed her to.  Walked over to the pharmacy and they told me a 10 minute wait, I kind of spouted off "I have to be at work in 10 minutes" because it's now 9:50 am and I have a 10 am appointment!  Miraculously, after that outburst, my prescription was ready in 1 minute!  1 whole minute! Off to work I went!

Got to work and Mom and MBM were chomping at the bit to hear how things went.  They wanted to know if Dr. H had agreed to two and when I said he had there were actually cheers and fist pumping!  I thought it was quite humorous and very sweet that they both want this as badly as I do!  It was a busy rest of the day and then left for acupuncture and had a wonderful visit there.  We are really on our way!

The ONLY slightly bad thing that happened on Thursday was that Super-Mom texted me (first to tell me she was thinking of me and that transfer was a week away) then to tell me that one of my not-so-favorite people would be at her shower on Sunday.  To read the indepth version of who this person is, click here.  Anyway, Super-Mom wanted to warn me so I could prepare myself.  I would never skip the party just because lady was there, but I definitely have to gear up my courage for it.  Super-Mom asked if there was anything she could do to ease some of the tension.  (Let me reiterate here, I don't hold grudges.  And I don't even look at this as a grudge.  I just feel sick around this woman.  She is absolutely oblivious to those around her.  She is just....just....argh!  That's all I can say.  She rubbed me the wrong way and I doubt if I ever will get over it.  It would be different if she were a close friend of someone, but she isn't.  She just happens to be married to Super-Mom's hubby's best friend, and nobody is really a fan of her, even Super-Mom!  But she invites her because she is polite and her hubby is BFFs with her hubby.)  Super-Mom reminded lady again not to ask about pregnancy to me and I'm grateful for that.  Anyway, she'll be there Sunday and I've prepped myself as best I could.  I told J what Super-Mom had told me and his exact words were "sucks to be you!"  He knows how I feel about her.  Oy!  I was looking forward to Sunday and not anymore!

And with that, I must be off to finish Super-Mom's present for baby number 4!  Sorry again for being so absent Bleaders, but I'm back now!  And next week is a big week!  Six days and counting.... YIKES!  This is really going to happen!  Shots begin again tomorrow!  Fun fun!  Happy weekend friends!


  1. Dont worry about being absent, you blog waaaay more than I do. I do miss when you dont blog but you are a busy gal. I cant figure out how you have time to write as much as you do!

    Im sending lots of prayers and positive energy for you next week. Good Luck!

  2. That is all so exciting! I put in two and ta-da! Two babies! I wish you luck and twins!


  3. You're so close! I'm so excited for you and hope it goes very well. We implanted three (one wasn't really viable) and I'm 12 weeks along with my twins! Take it easy after the transfer...I literally laid in bed ALL day afterwards and didn't really do anything the day after, either. Doctor's orders! Good luck! :)

  4. Hey Niki I am so excited for you, it is so close now! Good luck and remember lots of love and prayers and good thoughts surround you. Good for you for identifying good and bad parenting skills on your journey - I know you'll be a great mom. And I'm also glad you got the number of embryos you wanted. Now just to pray that they stick.

  5. Crossing my fingers for've waited long enough!!!


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