Sunday, July 24, 2011

No going back now

Look, it's only been a couple days and here I am again.  Promised I wouldn't make you wait to long!  One of my cousins refers to my blog as her favorite TV show with a cliff hanger at the end of every episode! (smile)  So here I am again...

Last night was my first shot of Progesterone Goldschlager (wow, try spelling that!) and it kind of crept up on me.  It had been a busy day with a session with Trainer (we'll come back to this), getting my hair done, lunch with a friend in from out of town, some shopping and dinner with J.  So once we had returned home from dinner, we only had about an hour until it was time for the Progesterone Goldschlager shot (remember I've named these after alcohol because it sounds more fun that what's really in that vial, although again I am not a fan of Goldschlager, that should tell you what I think of this shot!). 

I have put reminders in my phone for all my meds now so as not to miss any and the reminder went off for Progesterone Goldschlager about 8:50 pm.  I pulled out the box o' meds (or as I refer to it, the "box o' fun)...
Box o' fun (it's gotten really full)
 (Let me make note here, the bottle in the center is our "used needles disposal."  I had to upgrade from the other bottle because it was too small!)

...from the box o' fun, I found the Progesterone Goldschlager, the needles and the antiseptic wipes.  This shot was just like the HCG shot except I didn't need to mix anything, but I still had to use the fat needle (see below) to extract 1 mL of meds from the bottle and then change needles to the small one to inject myself.  
The fat needle is already on the syringe, then I switch it to the "small" needle for injection.  "Small" is relative because as you can see, they are both the same length!  The "small" needle really is the "skinny" needle.

Well that fat needle didn't want to take the Progesterone Goldschlager at all! (Another note: Progesterone is an oily kind of substance and it's purpose is to help ensure the pregnancy thrives and prevent miscarriage.  When this works, I'll take progesterone for 3 months into my pregnancy.) I think the reason the needle didn't want the med was because it was oily and not like the other "easier meds".  After a few minutes of battling with the syringe and asking for J's help (to which he refused, he HATES needles - like I don't), I was able to get the right amount.  That was the other thing, my protocol said take 50 mg but the syringe was in mL classifications, so I quickly checked Holly's email and it said 1 mL.  Whew, that could have been a melt down!  Change the fat needle to the skinny needle and off we go to the bathroom because this lovely shot doesn't go in the belly.  No, it goes in what Holly so delicately called my "love handles"!  Which involves watching it in the mirror to make sure I hit the right place.  Cleaned it with antiseptic and then probably sat there trying to stick myself for 2 minutes.  I just couldn't do it!  I kept repeating to, baby, baby.  Finally, worked up my courage with a lot of deep breaths and in she went!  I was expecting a lot more of pinch, but it wasn't too bad.  Then out she came and a couple big drops of blood too.  Whew, first shot of Progesterone Goldschlager over!

Went back to sit down with J and then I started to feel some hurt.  More of a stinging.  This shot is intramuscular, so it seemed to hurt, then stop, then hurt, then stop.  Very odd!  Finally it subsided and we headed off to bed. 

Now as promised, back to my session with Trainer yesterday (Saturday) morning.  I love the system we have set up.  I meet with him once a month, we discuss what's going on in my life, what I like about my workout, how my nutrition is going and what needs to change.  Sometimes, we don't change anything, just perfect it.  Other times, like yesterday, we change it all up.  So first we sit and discuss for probably 20-30 minutes where we stand in this process (and he knows ALL about it - partially directly from me and partially from reading the blog).  So I brought him up to date about where we currently stand and what is happening this week (but he already knew that), and what the doc said on Thursday about workouts and eating.  We reviewed the Glycemic Index Chart I had brought so I understood better, and then talked about workouts.  

Trainer always tells me that I am very similar to his wife (I wish!  She's a knockout and sooooo smart!) in that I worry and cut myself down too much.  He (like everyone else) wants me to focus on being positive that this will work.  I'm pretty positive it will, but there's still that shred of doubt in my can there not be?!  But he still said it repeatedly that I need to believe and relax.  And when it comes to working out and eating, eating is far more important than working out because not only will I do it more (because you eat three times a day or more and I only workout for an hour) and because there will be days in my pregnancy that working out is the last thing I want to do (he speaks from experience remember, they have a 3 month old son so he just watched his wife go through all this, well, maybe not ALL this, but the pregnancy part at the least.  Let's just say, as always, it was a great conversation and reminded me that this will work.

Then he proceeded to change my entire workout, and my quads are feeling it today.  But I like it.  I really really do.  (He emailed me last week to change our appointment time and the first line of the email said, "I'm trying not to get too excited for you!"  So very sweet!  I love that he is my trainer and my friend.  Might even call him like a brother? Here I go again, adding siblings!)

And my last sign that this will be great was from my Angel Ash.  I emailed her Friday asking if there was any word from above to pass along and she emailed back could she text me a photo of the cards she pulled.  This was my photo....
It's a little blurry, but one card says "Pregnancy" while the other says "Children."  When I told J, he responded, "children, not child!"

Peace out...I'm off to a shower for Super-Mom with lady!  Wish me luck and tenacity!


  1. Sounds like you are well on your way!

    For the Progesterone shots...there are a few tricks.

    Push the oil in slowly and then wait a few seconds before pulling the needle out to make sure all the meds are getting in there. Then, just afterward, rub the spot vigorously for a minute to spread out the oil and help with the sting. Then, if you want you can put a heating pad on the spot for a while, and hopefully that will cut down on the pain. Eventually, it will get more sore though because you have stabbed the same muscle so many times, but the heat does help some.

    Good luck!

  2. Lots of good signs - looking good!


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