Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oh Mylanta, I have fallen off the planet!

Ahem...anyone there?  I'm so very sorry Bleaders, I haven't forgotten you.  Does it make you feel better to know that everyday I write at least one post in my head, and when I sit down to write it 2 hours or 4 days later, it not nearly as eloquent as it was in my head, if I can remember any of it at all.  However, I've learned that blogging while in the shower doesn't make the computer very happy.  AnYwAy, I'm here now.  That's all that matters right?!

Okay, so where have I been?  I believe I blogged the night before my last class in Denver.  Friday was a big day for me.  We were reviewing Case Studies and that was something that I have struggled with a lot in the past, so I was excited to actually get a couple hours with professors of how to attack those angry beasts.  (Side note: this class was AMAZINGLY upbeat which is very helpful.  I even had a fellow student from Alaska high-five me after we determined how to get amortization numbers for mortgages on more than just the first year!  Big deal for us, probably doesn't even make a bleep in your world!)  Anyway, Friday's classes were pretty great if I do say so myself.  We plowed through case studies, took our lunch and then went right back to the beginning with insurance.  The guy doing insurance was quite possibly my favorite prof.  He ended early and gave us a pep talk...which I so needed( I just may call him a day or two before the test for another)...and told us not to study for the weekend and have a drink - my plan exactly!  And we were let out early by about an hour.  Ooops, hotel shuttle wasn't due to get me until 5 pm, but thankfully I had figured another couple people from my class who were at my hotel and one offered to give me a lift back.

I'd already checked out, but thankfully the hotel held my bags so when I got back to the hotel and had some time...Schelle wasn't coming to get me for about an hour.   I reorganized my books and laptop into my bags and freshened up.  Schelle was pretty on time and we set off to find dinner and margaritas.  We found a place I hadn't been before and ate ourselves silly and 1 had 2 margaritas...something I never do because they are about 10 points EACH!  Schelle was a good girl and didn't drink, as she was taking me to the airport and then driving up North to ski over the long weekend.  We headed for the airport and made pretty good time.  Sadly, said our good-byes and had hugs and then she was off and I was on my own.

Check in was a breeze, with the exception that my bags weighed in at 54 lbs, not the allowed 50 lbs, so I had to pull out some things so I wouldn't owe the $75 fee.  Good gracious Frontier!  Got all fixed up at 50 lbs, and left them with my bag.  Now for security...dun dun DUUN!  If you have never been to Denver Airport, count yourself lucky.  Security there is a nightmare if I do say so myself.  Got through and no flags, so finally able to find my gate.  It was incredibly full, so that meant the flight was too.  So full, that they offered to gate check rolling bags for FREE just to get them out of the overhead compartments and would allow those who did so to get on first.  Sign me up!  I pulled books, crossword puzzles, water and mp3 player out of my bag and handed it over.  Boarded a moment later and when I looked down at my watch, realized we would be late as the plane was supposed to be leaving at 9:10 pm and it was already 9:15 pm and we weren't even half boarded.  Young lady sat in the window next to me, but no middle seater...hmm...who said full flight?  Finally, door was shut and we were off....sans middle seater.  YAY for space.  Texted J to let him know we were probably 30 minutes late and into my book I dove.  (Remember the last time I flew home from Denver, Ryan Phillippe was on my flight...and we took a picture!)
I never get tired of sharing this photo!  But I do not know why he doesn't ever smile in photos!

Back to our story...landed, got bags, met J and home about midnight where the animals were a bit overjoyed that I hadn't deserted them and we headed for bed immediately...long day for both of us and way past bedtime.  J had told me he had another present waiting for me at the house for Valentine's Day on the way home, so  I was looking around as I headed up the stairs.  The carpets were vacuumed, the wood dusted, the bathrooms cleaned...."Honey, is my present that you cleaned the house?"  "Yes dear!"  What a man!  I do love him so.  I gave him the other present I had for him...a Kenneth Cole watch I had found at the outlet store in camo (he adores camo - we even have camo wrapping paper!) for a low-low price and he loved it.  End scene.

Saturday was spent paying bills, doing laundry, rejoining my life and we went to dinner with Trainer and Trainer's wife who is pregnant.  She's freakin' adorable and it's ridiculous.  She's one of those lovlies that from the back you wouldn't know she is pregnant....I have a feeling, I won't  be so lucky.  The guys talked a lot and Trainer's wife and I didn't much...mostly because we couldn't get a word in edgewise.  Anyway, it was a lot of fun and happy times.

Sunday, was a chill day.  Literally.  Caught up on the DVR and watched movies.  Did NADA!  Except that night I had a little tickle in my throat, so took some Nyquil and prayed that kicked it out.

It didn't.  Monday morning I woke up and felt like I had been hit by a steam engine locomotive.  I was supposed to meet with Trainer so texted him and told him there was no way in hell that was gonna work and apologized for the late notice (we rescheduled for next week) and emailed my staff to let them know I wouldn't be in.   J went off to work and after drugging myself as best I could I slept most of the day away...couldn't even see my books for school.  So sick.  Tuesday was more of the same and so came Wednesday.  The rule in my house growing up was if you spent 2 days home sick and the 3rd morning didn't feel better, you went to the doctor.  It was great for getting me to go to school when I was only "half-sick" as a kid.  Anyway, that rule still applies in our house and Wednesday, I begged to go to the doctor!  J had to go to work but my Mom offered to have my Dad come get me because my voice sounded so weak when I called her.  So we went to the Walgreens Clinic and after about an hour and a half, it was determined that I had the flu and needed $130 worth of prescriptions!  YOWZA!  Also got some Gatorade and chicken soup to replenish our stock.  The nurse said if I wasn't feeling significantly better by Saturday, I'd need a chest x-ray because it was probable that I had pneumonia! Okay body, time to get better.

Dad dropped me at home and away to bed I went, after a little breakfast and text J with the verdict who responded back that he felt like crap and thought he was getting sick too.  Oh joy!  J picked up some Eegee drinks (it's kind of a slushie drink with lots of Vitamin C and feels great on the throat that is only made in Tucson) for us and we both were in bed early.  As the week wore on, the books stayed closed, although some days made it to the bed but never got cracked and J continued to feel sick.  Finally, Friday afternoon I had a glimmer of feeling good enough to study for a bit so took the easiest book and did what I could.  J had to work Saturday (poor guy - still sick) and I took it easy, but studied some more.  Another round of Eegee's on Saturday night, followed by real food (sandwiches and fries) and again, early to bed.

Sunday, I was finally feeling more like myself and not coughing myself into oblivion.  J was in PJs all day for his much needed "sick" day and I babied him as best I could.  But now I was way overdue on studying and working was pretty much out of the's all CFP from here kids.

Monday was rough.  It was like I was in a fog with my books.  I would literally read something two or three or four times and just not get it.  I began to panic.  I had all this good energy from the cram course and was it suddenly gone down the drain?  I reminded myself that the test isn't "tomorrow" and the brain is a muscle...when not used, it needs to warm up again.  So I pushed through and hoped Tuesday would be better.  And it was.  The End. 

Whew...what a week.  So Tuesday was better and today was better as well.  Even attempted my first case study apres cram course and only got 2 wrong out of 11!  Have a couple friends who took other courses so I have their material to review as well.  I feel we're on the right track...even went back to boot camp yesterday.  Only did a portion of the workout, but I did it.  And then what happens today....bitch AF shows up!  Oh well, at least she is out of the way now. 

All in all, I feel better.  J is better.  My brain has been defogged.  I'm headed back to boot camp tomorrow and the gym on Friday.  And the path from here leads to passing CFP and starting IVF as soon as we can this year.  Went back to WW on Tuesday and while I had an inkling I might lose weight, I didn't think about the 3 lbs I probably gained in Denver...but still ended up an lb less than before the trip and a stomach that feels that much smaller...turns out the flu is a great diet, although not sustainable.

In's Busted Kate's birthday today!  Go visit her and send her happy wishes.  Night folks!

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  1. wow you were busy! sorry you were so sick and wishing you well for the CFP


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