Thursday, March 31, 2011

You know you are an Infertile when...

AF is 5 minutes late and you can't stop counting down the minutes until you can take a pregnancy test, knowing that it will probably be negative, but secretly hoping THIS IS IT!

Yup, happened this week.  AF was due Tuesday morning and lately she's been a day or even two early, so when I actually hit day #28 and AF was a no-show, you know my heart did flip flops.  Couldn't talk myself out of Boot Camp because no cramps.  Still nothing after all that work.  Whoo hoo...maybe, maybe?

And then, finally at lunch it was like I was hit by a freight train.  I was expecting it, but that very small piece of me believes that maybe we won't get to IVF.  Even my Mom is now 100% convinced that with CFP behind me (hopefully for good), we'll get preggers on our own and not need to spend the $9k to TRY!

I was definitely feeling weird Sunday and Monday too.  I was s-t-a-r-v-i-n-g all day.  Literally, finished lunch and could have eaten another WHOLE meal.  So I figured it was AF, but again, no cramps, etc.  So very odd and annoying!  So know you are an Infertile when you chalk every little thing wrong with your body up to being a pregnancy symptom!  "What's that, I have something in my eye?  I must be preggers!"

Anyway, who has another "You know you are an Infertile when..."?


  1. Only an Ifer can really understand this mania!

  2. Here are some more...
    but top of my list is analysing toilet paper!!!


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