Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Now what do I do?

So CFP is over.  Everyone is on board.  Now what do we do?

I won't get grades for the test until probably mid-May.  I had figured that since last time it took 8 weeks and there were 3 holidays in there, this time should be quicker.  But U of A AFA threw that theory out the window when she told me her test in  July also took 8 weeks for results, no holidays included.  Bummer.  I was really hoping to start IVF near the end of April. 

So here's my thoughts and I'd like some opinions (no guarantee that I will listen, but give advice!):

1. Wait until grades come in and start BC at the end of May if I pass.
2. Start BC at the end of April as originally planned, with or without grades.
3. Start BC at the end of this month when I have AF as directed by doc to get the ball rolling earlier. 

Let me reiterate the following:
1. IVF is uber-expensive, stressful and needs my full attention. 
2. CFP is uber-important and needs my full attention if I have to take it again.
3. Whichever one has to happen, I need to be able to stress less (which is difficult for me to begin with).
4. CFP is practically mandatory for my job and I would really prefer not working through another CFP test and IVF at the same time.
5. I want a baby and I'm almost to the point of not caring if I passed CFP before we start or not.  (ALMOST, I still really care that I passed, my patience is just running really thin!)
6. The condensed version of the IVF process is BC for at least 3 weeks, injectible drugs for 2 weeks, extraction, wait for a few days, eggs go back in, wait for another few weeks, determine if we're pregnant.  All in all, about 8 weeks.  And BC has to start about day 2 of AF which put me near the end of the month per my cycle.

So what do you think Bleaders?  What are the pros and cons of waiting or jumping ahead?  Where do we go from here?

The comments are OPEN!


  1. I know how much you want this, and I would place my bets that you passed the "Big Nasty" hands down. That being said, I still think YOU will feel better if you hold off until you have the final answer on the test and you can breathe your sigh of relief. Then you can place ALL your focus on the IVF and not be worrying about both. These are just my thoughts from knowing and loving you. I DO know whatever you decide will be the best decision for you and J and your life right now and my thoughts, prayers and love are with you all the way! xoxo

  2. Josborne is right. It may seem like "whatever" for the test out of frustration, but it will nag you at the back of you mind the whole time. AND if you get prego before you pass, (you may not think so), but it is very easy to feel resentment on not completing what you want to complete before a child comes into play. It's the truth, I'm sorry. I thought it too, "how dare people blame their kids for their own short comings, or lacks or non-completions". but it DOES happen.

    so.... in order to give compelete attention to the task(s), finish your testing, pass it, and THEN enjoy the whole experience of prego and birth and baby lovin.

  3. Girl, make your own decisions.. I know you are old and wise enough!! And I know you'll make the right choice for you.
    My 2c worth: I would wait. I am a big believer in delayed gratification. At the same time, I've bent that rule for myself lately. It is just because I have been so overloaded with work lately that I actually needed to do fun stuff for a bit before doing my work. I think it is all about balance. So at least do something nice for yourself in the meantime.

  4. Heather's right. You need to make your own decision on this one.

    But ...

    I would start the IVF. If for any reason you don't pass then what better way to distract yourself during the two week wait.

    And if you do pass you won't be kicking yourself for wasting time because you've been over cautious.

    Good luck wiht your decision.

  5. And I meant to say, this study shows that stress during IVF doesn't impact on your ability to conceive during IVF:

  6.'s only a few months. The less stress on your body, the better to begin the IVF process. I think you passed the test though! :)

  7. You need to soul search. The ladies above all have good and valid advice. My initial reaction was to go for the IVF right now. But if stress is really an issue for you and your gut is telling you to wait, you should probably wait. What ever you decide you will have tons of support here!

  8. I like #3, but that's only because I'm selfish...I want Eleanor's playmate to be as close in age as possible. :)

    Thinking of you all the time -- even if I don't see you that often!

  9. All your bleaders have given good advice and make excellent points...I think you'll be more at peace in the long run if you wait to know how the Big Nasty went. I know it'll be hard to wait in the long run, and I'm with Josborne that I really believe that you passed, but having that definite answer will make it easier to completely focus on what's next. But...I know you'll do what feels most right! Sending lots of love from Denver, and we can talk more this week about things if you want to!


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