Friday, March 4, 2011

Quick and cute...promise!

Hello dearies...trying not to be gone too long again.  :)

Here's a quick story that happened while I was in Denver that I wanted to recount (mostly, so I can look back on it and smile, but sharing is caring...okay, I don't know).

After I had finished unpacking my gargantuan suitcase at the hotel the first night, I was putting way my travel docs in this pocket of my suitcase that I never put stuff in because it's on the back of the suitcase and rather flat, (i.e. doesn't hold very much) - don't know why it was okay this time, but as I tried to shove this plastic envelope that I always create for travel (has itineraries, hotel info, etc) into THAT pocket, it wouldn't go in.  I thought to myself, "self, what the heck?  No wonder I never put stuff in this pocket!"  So I reached into the pocket and pulled this out...
 Baby girl jammies!

Have I lost you yet?  :)  This suitcase was loaned to Ms. T eons ago!  Literally.  The baby-girl jammies were 18-month size and Ms. T's daughter is now 4 going on 5!  I laughed to myself and shoved them into the big part of the suitcase and continued unpacking wondering, "how many places have these jammies been with us over the past years because we never knew they were there?!"  And the jammies were forgotten.

Until, I was packing up the suitcase to go home.  Again, smiled and shoved them in the suitcase to give to Ms. T the next time I saw her.  As I sat on the delayed plane later that day waiting for the last passenger to get on I texted Ms. To tell her what I had discovered and to ask if she wanted them back, then proceeded to turn my phone off because we were getting ready to take off.

When I landed in Tucson and turned my phone back on, the message waiting for me from her was, "No, keep them.  It might be a sign of things to come. ;)"

Ms. T is pretty spiritual and very aware of the signs of the world.  So I had a little smile and said a prayer that she was right.  On the car ride home, I told J of what happened and his response was, "Well, there ya go."  Followed by a smile.

Let's hope Ms. T is right!

The jammies have now been washed and reside in the "wish" drawer with all the other little things I have acquired for a little one for sometime in the future.

Have a great day Blears (that's Blog-Dears).

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