Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's official...there's a week until "big nasty" takes over AND babies on the brain

I must write quickly so I can hit the books again...the countdown has begun.  A week from today, I'll be driving to Phoenix to take "big nasty" (aka CFP) again. 

How am I feeling you ask?  I would say I am mostly good.  A professor told me that half the battle is attitude.  If you go in feeling like you will be steamrolled, you WILL be steamrolled.  So I've been really focusing on beefing up my confidence in myself.  Telling myself that I am smart enough.  I can do this.  I will do this.  I know I can.  Things like that.  (I also looked at the calendar and realized that I just plain don't have time to do this again this year!)

As far as practice tests go, I am doing pretty well on them.  I spent all of Monday going through all my notes and creating MORE flashcards with the things I know I struggle with.  In reviewing them this week, I've really felt better about the topics.  "Flashcard day" was a great idea! 

I'll try to post next week either before or after, but if I don't, please don't hate.  Saturday after 6 hours of testing and 2 hours of driving home, it's very likely that I'll dive into a margarita with some nachos on the side when I finally make it home!

Quick randomness this morning and then it's back to the books....I've totally had babies on the brain this morning.  I don't particularly know why. 

I just found out that MBM's sister is pregnant with #2.  I'm very happy for her and it gives me a little hope that if IVF doesn't work for us, I know that the right ladies have offered up their bellies and they're very fertile!  So hopefully, if it comes to that, our chances will be good if we need to borrow a belly.  But that's not where my thoughts were this morning.  Also talked to another friend last night who is preggers with #4 and about a friend of ours who is pregnant with #1.  I'm surrounded!  Believe me...the blankie list continues to grow!

This morning, for whatever reason, I was thinking about how I would tell my boot-camp girls when I get preggers.  (And no, I'm not gonna tell you.)  Yes, I daydream about telling those I love that I'm "with child."  No, am not yet.  Maybe these thoughts (that I really haven't allowed myself to have the last few months) are allowed to creep back into my brain because I know that I WILL PASS BIG NASTY!  After all, that's what I told God I wanted years and years ago.  Apparently, that's the plan now.

Oh, and for those of you who don't know about my little angel (Angel Ash) you need to visit her website ( and her Facebook page .  She tends to offer up readings here and there and when I request, she hits a home run for me every time.  Telling me what I need to hear from my Angels to get me over the hump.  Go visit her, it's worth it!

And on that note...the books are calling my name...later Blovlies (that's Blog-Lovlies!)

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