Monday, March 14, 2011

Why does Friday and Saturday suck?

Hello Bleaders, how are you?  I'm still breathing, for the most part.

No, don't listen to me.  I'm doing fine.  I've got a lot of energy and for the most part feel pretty good about this test. 

So what does my title refer to you say?

Yes, my test is Friday and Saturday, so that's reason number 1. 

But to add insult to injury, my best guy friend is getting married (in June) and his and his fiance's joint wedding shower is Saturday (in Phoenix no less) and there's no way I can go.  Just not gonna happen. 

And finally, let's add that the NCAA basketball tournament is playing both those days and my beloved Wildcats are currently in the tournament!  There's also games playing IN TUCSON for the first time I have ever heard of, but none of them will be the Arizona Wildcats.


On the testing front, I'm feeling good.  Taking lots of tests and reviewing lots of flashcards and doing pretty well.  Need to pack to go to Phoenix on Thursday.  We've all been told that Thursday we shouldn't study.  We should let our brains recover before the test Friday.  But I know me and I need to keep reviewing the information so it is top-of-mind.   But it will be a shorter study session because I need to drive 2 hours to Phoenix and get settled in my hotel.  Will also have dinner with BFF in Phoenix (early, don't worry - we won't be partying it up for St. Patty's Day - again bummer) and study a bit before hitting the hay. 

Friday the test doesn't start until 12:30 pm (but feel free to send prayers my way long before that).  That doesn't mean I am sleeping in though.  My plan is to get up and work out because it gets my blood flowing and typically helps me start my brain functioning (I'll do flash cards while I walk or ride or elliptical).  Then have breakfast and get ready, and run some questions to get my brain going in the right mode.  Quick lunch and off I go.  4 hours of REALLY hard questions.  YUCK!  But I will make it through.

After that am meeting my friend (Anne) that I made when I was at the test last time for dinner (yes, I'll be socializing! I need a break after all that testing!) to talk about her recent wedding and honeymoon, and try not to talk about CFP.  Off to an early bed, is the plan.  Hopefully this hotel has thicker walls!

Saturday, I get to get up earlier because the test starts at 8:30 am and I still want to get in the workout/study time beforehand, plus need to check out of the hotel.  Then, 3 hours of testing and an hour for lunch and checking if AZ won their game (if they play that morning).

Quick funny story: I tried to book my hotel at the hotel where the test was being held - seriously, how great would that be? Walk downstairs to test, upstairs to eat lunch and review, and back downstairs to test.  But the hotel kept saying no availability until May 1, 2011.  I couldn't figure that it would have booked that fast, but found another hotel anyway.  A few days later, I get an email saying that the testing site has MOVED because the hotel they booked won't be BUILT by test time.  Hello folks!  Who booked this place?  Someone from the CFP Board organization even called my office to ensure I knew the new address.  My staff forwarded me the message.  How much do you think I would freak out to drive up to a place that wasn't BUILT the morning of my test?!  I think that would be an automatic pass!

So then there's another 3 hours of testing and a 2 hour drive back to Tucson (and checking to see if the Wildcats won their game, if they play), if the traffic isn't too bad that is.  Could be longer.  Now doesn't that sound fun?!  Who wants to join me?!

And when I get home, what do you think I'll be doing?!  Anyone, anyone?

If you said "nachos and wine" or "Mexican food" you are probably right!

Talk to y'all soon and keep my sanity in your prayers!

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  1. All the prayers and good thoughts start now! Also, I was thinking of you this morning - turns out my UNC Bears (their first time EVER in the tournament) are scheduled to play in Tucson :) Ok, talk soon!


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