Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What an amazing day!

Hello my dearies!  I know I said I might not be able to blog until after the test, but now I have a reason to!

Today has truly been an amazing day, honestly.  Here's why...

First, at boot camp this morning with Meanie Christinie she made us run our weekly mile and I ran my fastest ever.  Not only my fastest this year.  My fastest in my ENTIRE life.  Everyone probably remembers running the mile in PE.  I loathed those days!  Absolutely loathed those days.  I was a bit overweight and not really athletic so I was lucky if I ran in under the demanded 15 minutes, mostly because I didn't really care.  And I usually ended up having to re-run it at some point.  But the last few weeks, Meanie Christinie has been making us run a mile once a week in order to prepare us for Boot Camp to Beat Cancer that is this Saturday.  Obviously, I won't be there, but I still got  to run the mile weekly.  When we first started it was about 13-14 minutes.  Last week I somehow dropped it to 11:40 which was a new record for me.  But today...today, I dropped my time to 10:20!  For whatever reason, I decided to try and keep up with one of the girls who I know is faster than me.  She usually does a mile and a half, so I figured when I turned around and she continued on, I'd slow down a bit.  But dang it if she DIDN'T continue on. She turned around and then I still had to keep up with her.  But I came in at 10 minutes and 20 seconds.  Definitely, a new personal best for me!  

And you think that was the end of our workout?  Ha!  No way, no how.  We still had 4 circuits to do for 5 minutes each which were just as difficult.  But we did those too.

The second reason today was such a great day was when I went to WW, I was actually down in weight by 3.5 lbs!  Technically, 2 weeks ago, I thought I had had a great week I thought I had done really well, but the scale didn't agree.  Wednesday, of course it showed up.  But then I had to sustain it this week and add to that loss.  And I did!  That was happy for me!

Third reason that today was a great day?  I had a wonderful day of studying.  I was flying through my flashcards and when I took my practice exam this afternoon, I got a 78%!  That is a very good score!  So am feeling lots of confidence!

Now I hope you'll stay with me for this last piece of why my day was so wonderful.  I understand if you don't agree with the next statements I'll write, but I do very much.  And I believe with all of my heart that I couldn't have made it this far in life, and especially in our trials with Infertility if I didn't have a hand at my back helping me stay on my feet and continue on this path.  

The last reason that I had such a wonderful day is because a couple days ago I asked Angel Ash if there was anything she wanted to tell me from my Angels as my test loomed this weekend.  This was her response...

okay...two things you need to know in general.

The angels want you to spend some time OUTSIDE taking in the fresh air. It will relieve stress and help you to center yourself.

They also want you to see and realize your INNER GODDESS, knowing you are powerful. Take care of yourself and do not be afraid to FLY!

Things to know about the test:

GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY: This is your opportunity to shine. New doors are opening, as we speak.

UNDYING LOVE: Regardless of this situation, you are loved unconditionally by your angels and the Divine.

EXPECT A MIRACLE: Expect a miracle!!! :)

HELLO FROM HEAVEN: Your deceased loved ones are with you, supporting you, and offering you peace and love.

GENTLENESS: Be gentle with yourself. Do not be too hard on yourself and let go of stress!

Good luck friend! ♥ 

As usual, her words brought me to tears because they were what I needed to hear.  They are dead on and things I know deep within me, but sometimes cannot verbalize.  And I believe that they came from my Angels, via Angel Ash.  She is truly a blessed woman and I am lucky to have her in my life.  I urge you to contact her if you would like to hear from your Angels. 

I feel like this is a great lead up to my test.  I'm so grateful for these words and the help, courage and support they will bring to me when I need it on Saturday.

I wish you all peace and love.  I'll see you on the other side!

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  1. That sounds like a great day! The exam prep sounds like it is going well and that was a great and timely message, eh? Everyone needs days like those. ;-)


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