Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cram class wrap-up

Hello my lovelies...have you noticed that I was gone?  I am still breathing, despite the fact that I feel very steamrolled in the last few days.  We have covered a lot of material and let me tell you, light has donned on yonder window!  But that doesn't make me any less exhausted and overwhelmed.  A few notes about the last couple days.

Day 1 (Valentine's Day) - My alarm went off at 5:30 am.  Class started at 7:30 am and I needed to check in before then, so my plan was to get up between 5:30 and 5:45 am.  Alarm, right on time, went off at 5:30 am.  I hit snooze...or at least at the moment, thought I did.  Then, the next time I opened my eyes...what did the alarm clock say?  7:45 am!  I swear, I hadn't fallen back to sleep for that long.  Flew out of bed and could hear the coffee maker in my mini-kitchen humming so I felt like something was up.  Found my phone and discovered it was really 7:45 am.  After inspecting the alarm clock, I realized that at no matter what point you touched the "hour" button, it changed whatever was shown on the screen.  Well, that's not how mine works at home.  Thankfully, I wasn't late and I could continue to get ready and be at class on time.  Just before rushing off to breakfast, I opened up the Valentine's Day card J had sent along with me.  Very sweet.  Made it to breakfast, pretty decent and even better that it was free.  Made it to class on time and was immediately given a huge bag of MORE books that I wasn't expecting.  But, no worries. 

Class started without incident and the personalities started to come out.  As expected, we had one patient who thought he knew everything about insurance and had decided it was his mission to stump the professor.  Not the place to do it!  For the most part, no other real prominent attitudes.  For now.  Had lunch with another out-of-towner from ALASKA and we compared notes...he works with his Dad, so at least I'm not alone.  Was on the fence about telling anyone that I had already taken the test once, but when another female pipped up that she was in the same boat, I laid it out on the line.  If I can prevent even one more person from taking this test again, I'm happy!  Plowed through the first day and was ready to get back to the hotel for a break from the books.  Shuttle picked me up from the hotel and called J.  He asked if I had any surprises in my room and after my "no" response, he started to worry.  Walked to the front desk with him on speaker phone and found a "delivery" for me.  Brought the box back to my hotel room and unloaded the beautiful long stemmed roses and stuffed puppy dog.  Very cute.  I feel very loved.

Day 2 - No drama in the morning due to placing the dog over the buttons I wasn't supposed to press so the time on the clock wouldn't change.  Woke up on time, breakfast in a timely manner and ready to attack the day, even though it was cold and windy outside.  Long days and lots of material, but had many lights go on and even a few moments where I could envision a couple questions that I missed on the first exam.  Hopefully now I have some more tools in my belt to get those right.  Nothing really exciting to talk about, except that I learned of another 2nd test-taker and the first once started to become a little odd.  But whatever.  Home from the class and dinner served in the lobby for FREE, so had a very healthy dinner of tacos, nachos, salad and wine.  Yummy, but not really healthy. 

Day 3 - Hump day, half way through after this day.  Again, a lot of information (but really, I will say that everyday).  Morning lecture ran a little long, and lunch was cut short, but really not a big deal since lunch was being delivered to us.  But by the end of the day, I was ready for a glass of wine and a great meal.  It was discovered that a friend of mine from high school is actually the Executive Chef at a great restaurant downtown so after some discussion with Schelle we determined that we could make it for dinner and see an old friend.  Hotel shuttle was late, so finally called them and was informed they were stuck in traffic.  Of course, the one time I needed to be on time back to the hotel to freshen up and meet Schelle.  After hanging up, cell rung 15 seconds later and I was told that someone would be coming to get me in her "C-aar".  She worked for the hotel and would be there in a matter of minutes.  Great.  And she was.  Rushed back to the hotel after wonderful conversation, threw on some different clothes and Schelle showed up.  We flew (well, as fast as we could during rush hour traffic) downtown to eat at Vesta Dipping Grill where my HS friend Brandon Foster is Executive Chef (really, how often can one say that?!).  Got there, caught up a bit after hugs and proceeded to have probably one of the best meals of my life.  It was truly spectacular!  And super filling!  But way yum!  Made it back to the hotel about 10 pm, caught up with J, read a bit to calm down and finally to sleep about midnight knowing that it would be hard to get up in the morning.

Day 4 (today) - More than halfway through now, and in for a long day - investments and income tax.  Way fun!  Don't you wish you were with me?  By now, we're all joking with each other and having a pretty good time, considering the material.  (Quick side note and only because I happen to be watching Grey's Anatomy while I write this...Derek just sequestered Meredith in an elevator while they were eluding to having sex, only when they stopped the elevator he shot her up with fertility drugs!  Sad, that I love it, but I do! See, there's still a bit of infertility in this blog.)  Pretty good day, a lot, but again making sense.  My favorite part was when the prof said, "If you get completely stuck choose either B or C, or the longest answer.  Better chance of survival.  And, if you got it down to 2 answers and one happens to be B or C or the longest, you are probably home free!"  Had I known that last time, I just might have passed!  Time will tell.  Class ended almost on time and called for shuttle which appeared super quickly.  Texted Schelle to ask if she wanted to come by for dinner as it's free and includes wine.  She was happy to oblige and have a break.  Dinner was pasta, pizza and salad.  Not too bad and free to boot.  Now she's left (I sent my roses with her because obviously I can't take them home and that way at least someone enjoys them) and here I sit finishing the blog, while I watch Grey's and anticipate packing to go home tomorrow.  Boo to packing, yay to going home.

Last note...if you haven't read Busted Kate's blog today, please do.  Click here.  Great reminder about what it feels like to be an ex-Infertile, even though she still refers to herself as one.  Love you my Kate!

Next time I write, I'll be in AZ!  Happy Friday Bleaders!


  1. I am loving the positiveness flowing from you. You are going to do it this time!

  2. Hey girl, (typing left handed while nursing so forgive any typos)

    I know you like tosee infertility stuff onmainstream media saw this yesterday morning and thought you would appreciate it.

    I hope all is going well with you and your studying.


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