Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My brain hurts!

Hello folks...I'm here!  Maybe not "here" but physcially alive.  I've made it through days #1 and #2 of Cram class, and I am still breathing. 

It's definitely been an interesting week.  While sleeping at Schelle's, I was fine.  Slept like a rock.  Now that I am at the hotel, I am having serious issues.  Not sure if it is the bed or the stress.  I seem to have a lot on my mind every time I lay down my head to go to sleep.  I think about CFP.  I think about IVF.  I think about the weather.  I think about work.  I create great blogs in my head and then can't remember what I wrote.  I think about A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G but sleeping.  It's a little brutal right now.  Hopefully tonight will be better.

The first class was pretty good.  Felt better about all the things they were talking about, even learned a few new tricks.  Until this morning that was.  We covered Retirement Planning and it was like we were steamrolled.  It was just so much information and so crazy!  Looking back at my report from the CFP Board, I actually did pretty well on Retirement last go-round.  And I remember the last test I did and I did well into the 70's.  I am hopeful that I just felt steamrolled because he was talking about a mile-a-minute.  This afternoon was back to Estate Planning and I feel pretty confident about that.  I excelled last time at EP, hoping that flows through until this time.  Of course, that won't happen automatically...need to study.

So in the time that has passed, Valentine's Day was upon us.  I hinted rather heavily to J that I would like flowers to arrive at my doorstep in Denver.  And after a little help, they did.  Very cute and sweet.  Just what I needed to liven up my little "apartment."  He also sent a little Valentine's Card with me to CO, and that was nice to open yesterday morning.  He isn't the biggest romantic, but with a little help, he can pass for one. :)

Some people dream about being on the Grammys.  Some people dream about being a size 2.  I dream about passing CFP and being pregnant, no matter how fat that makes me.  I also dream about telling people I passed CFP and that I am pregnant.  Hopefully 2011 brings both!

Night Bleaders!


  1. Amen! I also dream about telling people I am pregnant.

  2. Think of my boring life in the country and you will go right to sleep. Count cows, sheep, tractors, trucks, corn, groundhogs, hay, lack of pedicures, lack of waxings, donkeys, desire for thai, no book stores, and all the fresh air you can stand. You. will. pass. out. :) Sweet Dreams.


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