Sunday, February 13, 2011

And we begin again....

Hello my lovely Bleaders.  How have you been?  Have you missed me?!  I would say I have been sitting around doing nothing, but I've been super busy this weekend in Denver (J is at home in AZ enjoying the warmer weather than here in Denver!) seeing friends and important people.  Now, well, technically tomorrow, we start the CFP Cram course again.  Yup, sad to be doing it again, but feel better about what I am walking into.

Flew into Denver on Friday about 1 pm and my good friend Schelle picked me up from the airport, after which we found some lunch.  I wish I could say that we did something uber-exciting, but we really just hung out and caught up a bit.  Rented Social Network...very interesting...and had some appetizers for dinner, along with wine and Samoa ice cream - so healthy I know! 

Saturday involved a late breakfast, and then hitting the mall for some much needed shopping.  Schelle and I are really good shopping buddies.  We have similar tastes and can be honest with each other about how things fit, feel, etc.  We did some damage, but not too serious.  All killer deals and things we'd been looking for for-ages! :)  Then again, found some dinner at one of my new favorite (since yesterday that is) places called Garbanzo, which is this Chipotle-esk place except it is Mediterranean food (Falafal, Pitas, Hummus, etc).  So yum and I love that they show the calories ON THE MENU!  I will definitely have dinner there before I leave again. We then went home to watch The Proposal because Schelle had never seen it!  We both laughed, a lot!  And also did nails and had vino.

And today, my last "free" day before class starts was another fun "girly" day.  Schelle was nice enough to drive me up North to the outlet mall so I could have lunch with my former boss/mentor and ASU grad (yes, ask yourself how that relationship ever works due to large U of A vs. ASU rivalry?!), Sparky Lover (please note: it was very hard to come up with a name for this lovely lady, so if anyone has a better one for her because I truly love/appreciate/value her, please let me know because I am not 100% happy with "Sparky Lover").  We had a wonderful long lunch with great catch up conversation, including strategy for CFP and Infertility stuff - yup, she's that good.  Said our goodbyes and I found Schelle for another round of shopping.

Please note, my savings is still sounds like we bought WAY more than we did! :)

We walked around this huge mall forever and by the end of it, as we tried to make it to the car, we were literally walking about 50 feet, then sitting to help heal our aching feet.  This mall is gi-normous!  I figure we worked off lunch and probably the Samoa ice cream from the nights before with all the walking, trying on, finding new sizes, trying on again, walking, etc.  Finally made it to the car and Schelle drove us back to her place to grab my bags and take me to the hotel, where I checked in, got settled, ate leftovers from lunch for dinner, talked to J and my Mom, watched the Grammy's (Katy Perry baby!) and ASU men's basketball lose to U of A (sorry Sparky Lover, I texted you a bit early that we won, but I wasn't wrong!) and here I blog.

And with that note, I must hit the hay because I need to be at class by about 7:15 am so I can register and be ready to start at 7:30 am, until 5 pm!  L-O-N-G D-A-Y!

Have a very happy Valentine's Day Bleaders!  Happy Birthday Arizona!  And goodnight.

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  1. Yeah, um "Sparky Lover" really doesn't suit me since I haven't been to ASU in about 30 years. "Former Boss Lady" fits better! Or "Friend Old Enough to be My Mom" works, too. You'll come up with something! Love you back!


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