Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Father's Day Post

Hi folks.  I know it's late on Father's Day, but it's Father's Day still nonetheless.

Father's Day can be a bitter sweet day for us Infertiles and today is no different for us this year, especially this year.  We're both thankful that we still have our fathers and they are very present in our lives, and positively at that.  However, today should have been the day when we had embryos placed into my belly.  I won't say that I wasn't disappointed when we were told this wouldn't be the case this year because I was REALLY disappointed.  Besides progressing that one step further into this process of IVF, what a great omen that could be for our impending child(ren).  But even from the beginning when I would tell people the day of my tentative transfer was Father's Day, I would say "no pressure" sarcastically afterwards.  I knew that it may or may not go that way.

Now looking back, I'm actually a bit grateful that there was no transfer today for a variety of reasons.  I'm still in pain - abdomen and breasts.  Sometimes intense, sometimes very little.  Both are swollen, breasts more tan abdomen which J loves to look at but hates that he can't touch because they hurt that much!  But still don't feel like myself unless I am severely drugged or having a glass (or glasses) of wine.  That brings me to number 2, I can actually have alcohol!  And caffeine!  And carbs!  No, I am not an alcoholic but I do like a glass of wine after a rough day, or just on the weekends.  I may be a carb-aholic, or at the very least a nacho-aholic, but not really a caffeine addict.  And this weekend we had the wedding of my friend brother.  Pictures to come later.  It was nice to be able to relax and eat and drink what I wanted, instead of worrying about everything little thing.  It was a nice break after the adventure of last week.  Which leads me to number 3, a break.  It was nice to have a break and have a little down time with J where every conversation we had wasn't about IVF or the eggies or the embryos or the drugs, etc.  Sure, it came up at the wedding because we knew a bunch of people at the wedding who knew what was happening, and because people ask when you are going to have kids at weddings.  But we did have happy news to share because of Tuesday.

Now for the happy news we received on the way to the wedding on Friday...we have SEVEN embryos that have made it to the 8-cell stage as of Friday afternoon from Holly and are "PERFECT" (that's how she wrote it).  I don't really know what happened to the others if they weren't quite there yet, but will hear the final verdict tomorrow.  Seven "embies" (not eggies anymore according to Holly) is a great thing!  "Lucky number 7" she said (so maybe there's our seven!  If you don't know what I'm talking about go read this post - coincidentally named "Lucky Number Seven" on April 18th).  We're still progressing.  I'm very happy we started with 19, because we're already down 12 and we haven't even placed any IN ME yet!  Tomorrow afternoon we'll hear how many made it to the blastocyst phase and thus were frozen either today or tomorrow.  Then, we just wait for good ole AF to show up so we can get started again.

That's another thing, my energy level is zapped.  And still feel bloated. I'll start to have pain, like P-A-I-N and realize that I just need to pee and my bladder is pressing on my larger-than-normal-size ovaries (I'm guessing golf-ball size now), but it takes me a bit to figure that out.  I'm ready to feel normal again.  I want to go work out, but I'm a bit afraid.  I may just go and walk on the treadmill tomorrow to test the waters.  I still have a little pouch that I am hoping is still bloated from all the "ovary swelling" and not the events of this weekend, but I'm thinking it might be a little of both, or a lot of both.  Either way, I'm really ready to be back to normal.  Or at the very least pregnant! :)

And on that note folks, I'm hitting the hay.  I hope you and yours had a wonderful Father's Day.  I am very grateful to have a wonderful Daddy, whom yes, I still call Daddy.  But he is just that.  And always will be.  Well, until we make him a Granddaddy that is!  Hopefully sooner than later.

Last note, sorry...those of you who upped my followers to 40(!) THANK YOU!  That's awesome!!!  So glad to have you along for the ride!  And we're now up to 21 email followers! Holy cow!  I'm hoping at some point this year we'll make it to 100!  IF WE DO, I'll do something...a raffle or something to honor it.  So help get me there and maybe you could win something yet to be determined!  Thanks much Blogites!


  1. Nikus, that's fantastic. I'm glad you have a lucky no 7 embies. Hope they make it to freeze and you can make babies next month! Hope you also feel better..

  2. I have all the same side effects as you right now and feel like crap. Sore breasts, bottom, bloating, pain in the tummy...I can't wait to be back to normal for once.

    Glad to hear you have 7 embies! That seems like a really lucky number.


  3. just got back from the doctor. I feel like crap but it's nice to know that there are blogs like this that makes me keep going as well.


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