Friday, June 3, 2011

Injection Class

With the first step behind us, we moved onto the big second step on Tuesday afternoon...the injection class.

I woke up feeling downright awful on Tuesday morning, to the point of not going to boot camp.  Very severe stomach issues, quite possibly due to the lack of sleep from the night before due to the drama, and the nervousness of going to the doc Tuesday.  I was able to work some from home, but man was I in pain! Finally got a little sleep, some nourishment, and a shower.  Feeling a little (very little) better, and now the nerves are kicking in more as we start to drive to Dr. H's office - fertility binder and Orangies in hand.

We checked in and were told we were early for our 3:30 appt, which I swear was 3:15 but oh well.  Holly H. came to get us about 3:20 anyway and led us back to a conference room that I have never seen before.  I presented her with the Orangies saying, "This is a thank you for all the questions you have already answered and will in the future."  Then explained what they were to her.  She was very excited and gracious! Score one for us.  Then she sees "the binder."  The beautifully wrapped, exceptionally organized, fertility binder and asks what it is.  I tell her and she is impressed.  I say I would love to drop one off so people could buy if they want and she is all for it.  So will work on that later next week hopefully.  She was very happy I was so organized!

Now, time to get down to work.  She takes out this crazy looking pen thing (it's how I do my Follistim shots to grow my follicules) and shows me how to load it while I'm doing the same thing on another version.  J is watching intently, very happy that he doesn't have to do this to me, he hates needles...not that I'm a fan, but he faints at the sight.  So that process takes about 15 minutes, answering my questions along the way.  We start to go over the rest of the protocol and understand the process.

Then Holly H. goes through what happens after the eggs are taken out and hopefully create embryos.  Very intricate and interesting.  I'll probably describe that as we get there.  It finally seems like we're done and I ask what is happening tomorrow.  She says, "blood draw for Nikus and ultrasound."  I ask, "what about J's blood draw?"  (Let me remind you here that even though we both know we don't have any STDs we have to be tested before the start of the cycle just in case we have embryos that go in the freezer to be used later by a surrogate or adopted out once we use all the ones we want.  If we don't do this little blood test, we have to do the whole process again.  So we did the test.)  I can tell J isn't very happy to hear he has a blood draw because his heart is now thumping out of his chest!

Holly H. notices this too and says, "what if we just do it now so you don't have to stress about it until tomorrow?"  (Have I mentioned that I love her?!)  So he agrees and off we go for blood taking. He does great and the blood draw is over.  As J is waiting for Holly H., Dr. H comes in to drop off something for another patient and sees us.  Shakes both our hands and we say we'll see him tomorrow.

Finally we are done and we head for home, after a few quick errands.  My stomach feels a bit better, definitely some stress relieved, but still not back to normal.  Will be hitting the hay a bit early tonight.

Have a lovely short week Bleaders!


  1. Was very interesting.. good luck for appt tomorrow..

  2. I just want to wish you the best of luck!! (p.s. I love your header. So cool.)


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