Friday, June 17, 2011

Frozen Cycle Process

Hello dear Blogites...I'm doing much better.  Still sore in the belly, and eating can go either way (starving or not hungry at all), but progressing in the right direction.  Let me say here and now that I am so grateful for all your support, all your stories (thanks tickyicsi for your story about the air bubble and Ashlee for talking about ME and my deviled eggs to the docs at YOUR retrieval, in your sedated state no less! So funny!) and all your love.  This process can make you feel very isolated at times because everyone around you "rolls over and is pregnant" that hearing about others going through IF and IVF and surviving (and becoming preggers) is awesome. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  To quote my Grandma E., GO INFERTILES GO!  Love you Grandma!

And thanks to all my family and friends who have taken care of me the last couple days, checked up on me via text/phone call/email, and just been at my back when I was having difficult times (Mama K!).  It is very much appreciated and I love you guys more than you will EVER know!

Talked to Holly this morning and heard how the frozen cycle process will go (haven't heard yet how our eggies are doing today, she said this afternoon).  First, we have to wait for AF to show.  Who knows if she'll be early, late or right on time?   But when she shows, I call Holly and let her know.  They may put me on BC for a week or so just to buy us all some time.  Dr. H will be out of the office until about July 17th, and I'll be out of the country for a work trip until about July 19th (thankfully about the same time).  I'll basically get a new protocol and have to take some estrogen pills for a couple weeks.  Once I get back, then we'll go in to do an ultrasound to check the lining of my uterus.  If he says it is thick enough, we'll start the progesterone (that we've already got) and then transfer the following week.  Basically, we are tricking my body to think that I already ovulated.  So about the end of July will be my transfer, feels far off but I've got busy times until then so I have a feeling it will be a nice little break and will come quick, just like my first IVF appt did.  Then we wait, and hopefully get a positive test.

And the best part of my phone call with Holly was she said I can have a glass or two of wine at the wedding, and even some coffee!!!  YAY!  Since we're not taking anything out, I can relax a bit!  The silver lining...

On that note folks, I've got to finish packing us up for the wedding this weekend and rehearsal tonight.  Have a wonderful weekend.  A very happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there (especially mine!) and soon J will be added to that list I hope!!!



  1. I know that I felt good the very day that my eggs were out of me and in the hands of the embryologist. The hard part is over! Now you can relax, get your body back to normal, and be ready for those little babies to come back to you in a month or so. Me and my big mouth will be with you the whole way! :)

  2. I am so glad you had so much success with the eggs. Fingers crossed for the next step, but for now enjoy that half the journey is over.


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