Monday, June 13, 2011

HCG Shot, Test Results and TOMORROW!

It seems like everyday I have something to blog about dearest Bleaders!!  So let's start where we left off...

I did the last of my regular shots last night (Follistim and Ganirelix) at 9 pm, and while messing with those mixed the HCG up from the water and the powder and put it in the needle, so I wouldn't have to do that at 1 am.  Finished up and headed for bed. YAY for no shots tonight!!  Finally, a night off!

I had to do the Yaegermeister (correctly spelled Jaegermeister as I was told on FB this morning) HCG shot by myself at 1 am this morning.  Super-Mom felt really bad that she couldn't help, but I assured her I would survive.  I set my alarm next to my bed and on my phone for 12:50 am, and when it went off I rolled over and realized I needed to get up quick!  Stumbled downstairs to the fridge, fished the needle that J and I had prepped before we had gone to bed out, found the alcohol wipe, and wandered into the bathroom and took a deep breath.  I pinched an inch on my hip (technically: love handle), tried to stab and couldn't.  Poked myself, yelped.  Finally, another deep breath and the 1.5 inch needle was plunged into my hip.  I'm not gonna lie, it did hurt a bit.  Not tear-jerkingly, but more than the tequila Follistim shots have.  Pulled the needle out, put it in the "sharps container" (water bottle) with all the other needles.  Shut the light in the kitchen off, and back to bed.  I made a bit of noise when I crawled into bed, so J knew that I had done my duty at which point he mumbled, "did you do it?" and "Good job".  However, just because I went back to bed, doesn't mean I went back to sleep.  I had so many things running through my head, that I probably didn't drift off until about 2 am.

Had set the alarm to go to the gym, but when I woke up my abdomen was VERY tender, so I opted for a bit more sleep and little movement.  Up finally, showered and ready for work.  Good day, busy but productive.  Handed all my left-overs to Mom and scooted out a bit late to hit acupuncture, drop my dress for the wedding off at the dry cleaners and get groceries at Target, in addition to returning the dress pants I had bought for J that were too long, to get ones that weren't.  I had emailed Holly half way through the day to inquire about what my Estrogen level was and if we had ever gotten my STD results officially.  She emailed back that they were still bugging the lab about the STD results, but would have an answer today come hell or high water, and that my Estrogen level was at 2758.  Last Tuesday it was 418.  So to me, I think we won't hit the dreaded 4000 by tomorrow.  If we hit 4000, we can't do transfer.  If it took 6 days for 418 to become 2758, I highly doubt that 2758 can become 4000 from Sunday to Tuesday.  Let's hope I am right!  I had also asked Holly what she wanted for goodies tomorrow because she commented on having a muffin this morning. 

I just found another email from Holly that I missed during the end of the day because I was very busy getting things wrapped up and she was very upset.  It seems that the lab did my HIV test and all of J's STD and HIV tests (all of which were negative - like we didn't know that), but neglected to actually do my STD tests!  To recap a bit, if we don't have these tests done BEFORE eggs come out, than they can't be put into any other bellies (MBM if we need her) or if we don't, we can't donate these eggs to a needy Infertile sister!  Holly said that she gave them a serious piece of her mind about their error, but I am hopeful (and have emailed Holly to verify) that they can draw my blood tomorrow morning before the retrieval so we still have the opportunity to use the eggs in MBM if we need to or donate them if we don't.  I can't see why that wouldn't work.  I had told Holly I was worried about not making it to transfer, but she thinks it won't be an issue.  The rest of her email is below and made me laugh:
"Anyway, we are good to go for you tomorrow and it will be a lovely day and we will get beautiful eggs and J will have lovely sperm and life will be good. You are NOT to bake today or bring treats, it is our turn to give you the treat of the anesthesia spa experience :). And, I am good for tomorrow, I have my muffin!"

She cracks me up.  However, I had an absolutely B-R-I-L-L-A-N-T idea at the grocery store for what to bring to them tomorrow that was not only easy, but very humorous, at least to me...
That's right folks, we're taking  Deviled Eggs to our Egg Retrieval!  I hope they find it as hysterical as I do!!!

I have noticed all day long that I am SUPER tender in my abdominal.  Every twist and turn is kind of painful.  And I found that if I don't move for a while and then switch positions, it almost hurts more.  In fact, I kind of feel preggers right now because I've peed so much today!  Not only have I been gulping water like a mad woman, but I don't think there is enough room in my body right now for a full bladder!!!  I swear I have a little pouch now, but no measurements to prove it.  Sorry folks.

So before I head for bed, only to be woken up at 3:30 am to drink as much water as possible, to go back to bed and then be at the doc's at about 10:45 am I wanted to give you this update because I will most likely be out of commission most of tomorrow.  You are more than welcome to shoot me an email or a text to inquire about how I am doing, knowing that email won't get answered until late in the day and Mama K may be the one texting you back in my absence while I'm sleeping off the anesthesia.  

Once the eggs have been pulled, they'll be sent off to the embryologist with J's boys and we'll hear from there how many eggs we've got and how many progress to embryo stage.  Will keep you posted.

It feels like we are in the home stretch and the only things to pray for is that tomorrow goes off without a hitch, we can pull blood before for the dang STD tests, Estrogen level is under 4000, and we don't get more than 20 eggs.  I guess "only" isn't so little. 

Prayers are welcome.


  1. I'm be thinking of you today. Lots of prayers coming from here. You are doing great, Nikus...I'm glad that you are so positive.

    I find the eggs hilarious as well. :)

  2. I am right behind you! I hope that everything goes well for you in the next few days. Relax, take in the experience, and give yourself some time to recouperate. Good luck!

  3. Happy happy happy thoughts for you! I hope it all went well (Im a little behind in my reading). I hope its all growing well (in the petrie dishes). I hope it all implants well.

    I hope you are a mommy soon!

  4. You are seriously so cool. You are giving me ideas.. maybe I should bribe them with food too! And I so love the eggs! I guess you are busy having those eggs retrieved right now. So I am wishing you all good things. hugs!


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