Friday, June 24, 2011

There's an agenda today

Well hello out there in blog land?  Have you missed me? I haven't been gone that long!

A thank you, a quick update about my condition, a few notes and then my question.  How's that for an agenda?

First off, thank much to all my new followers.  Lately, every time I look at the list and there's more.  A couple months ago I was clinging to 30 and had been since about my birthday (in November) and now I'm up over 41, not including the email followers who I'm not sure are listed as technical followers.  SO THANKS to the newbies and WELCOME!

Great, check mark next to "thank you!"  Yes, I'm that lady.

Next, update about me.  I am so happy to say that I am finally feeling about at about 85%.  Most of my energy is back, finally.  No more bursting cysts, since Wednesday at least (knock on wood).  And the only real pain I have is going from sitting to standing or standing to sitting, and the occasional sharp 2 second pain for no reason or when I'm using the ladies room.  The "girls" are still sore and large, but we're dealing (smile).  Doc has cleared me for the gym on Monday, as long as I'm not running a marathon...I promised to slowly integrate back to my workout.  Meanie Christinie is visiting her boyfriend in Cali, so no boot camp next week works perfectly to let me ease back into working out instead of zero days to 5 in a row.  I'm slowly adding some carbs to the diet and not having any issues.  I hope to say by Monday I'll be at 90% or 100%!  Update, done!

Next agenda item, notes.  Happened to have The View on this morning and they were doing an entire show about surrogacy.  Yes, I know we're not there but there's always a chance we will be at some point.  Guiliana Rancic (of Guiliana and Bill show) was on to talk about their struggles with getting pregnant, as well as some people who have used surrogates (good experiences and bad) and one woman who's MOTHER bore her triplets through surrogacy (Mom, should we talk?  Just kidding!).  The doc said they took Mom's uterus "out of retirement" because she'd gone through Menopause already.  WOW!  Anyway, the couple snippets that I caught and will remember: 1) always use an attorney, just so everything meets all the legalites, 2) surrogacy is illegal in New York (say what?!  That's ludicrous!), and 3) embryos coming out of cryo (frozen) state can die. 

Back the truck up!  Let's go back to number 3!  Guiliana was explaining her process of IVF, and that they got preggers with the first only to chromosonally miscarry.  Then the second, they retrieved the eggs, made embryos, and froze them to wait for her uterus to heal from Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome (similar to us kind of - I'm not all the way to OHSS, but my uterus certainly wasn't ready for embryos).  When they unfroze the embryos, they died!  So they had to start over.  Now I realize that they aren't going to unfreeze all my embryos to put in 1 or 2 next month, but if unfreezing the embies means we'll lose some, we might not end up with as many tries as I thought.  So what did I do?  I called Holly, of course.  My go-to.  

She assured me that this doesn't happen often and especially probably won't to ours because of their outstanding quality and day 5 status.  Plus their lab has a 90% unfreezing success rate!  So feeling better about that note.  This was when she assured me the gym on Monday was fine.  And that she'd be around next week when AF is due to show, with my protocol, with my transfer date tentatively scheduled for July 28th.  She'll be gone for most of July, but around for August when I'm freaking out while we wait and when we do the pregnancy blood tests.  I told her I was working on the binder she wanted for the office, and would try to bring it in next week (possibly with banana bread, but I didn't tell her that!). 

And that brings me to agenda item number 4 (see how I did that?  Just swung right into it?  I'm so clever!)  My question to you my fellow Infertiles are:
1) What did you need that you didn't have with your process?  (I'm talking information, organization, calendars, contacts, support, paperwork, a guide, etc.)
2) If you could have one thing in a fertility binder that would help you, what would it be?
3) What would you be comfortable paying for a comprehensive, organized, pretty system of recording your infertility journey?

I'm again working on the fertility binder, and it's a bit more difficult than the baby binder.  Yes, I'm using the binder I created for myself as a guide, and I'm sure nothing will cover everyone's path, but I'd like your help on what you'd look for.  Holly was very excited because she has a lot of patients who are unorganized, so that's the main purpose.  But I also want it to be inspiring, instead of a depressing process.  So that's where my weekend will be spent, save for the lunch with my girls (Music Maiden is in from Cali) and a movie with Mama K afterwards.  Want to have it ready for Holly early next week to see and put at the office to hopefully sell and help pay off the hole in my credit card from the retrieval. 

I would greatly appreciate any comments, thoughts, advice you have to give.  Maybe even have a page with just inspiring thoughts or things to do to make whomever buys this feel less depressed about the whole process. 

PLEASE HELP ME MY DEAR BLEADERS!!!!  I know you'll come through!


  1. I don't have a lot to add since I haven't been through it, but I love you!!! Stay beautiful and postitive and please stop by on the 3rd. :)

    (I don't think you'll get to it, but I met a GREAT lawyer for surrogacy stuff.)

  2. I haven't seen your binder, would be interested.
    I would have
    -a section for bills - divided up into doctor, clinic, homeopath, acupuncturist, vitamins etc in short anything fertility related. This all calminating in the giant excel spreadsheet of expenses. (I wrote a post last year on my expenses last year:
    -a section for charting/ temps
    -a section for old records (other doctors, clinics etc)
    -this can go with test results
    -a section for information. Useful info section - eg on the clinic procedures, questions to ask your doctor

    The more I think about it, the more I think I need your binder!!

  3. Definately a calendar and a space in that calendar for each drug, the ammount, and the time you're supposed to take it. The drugs drove me crazy!

  4. Hmm, I admire your organization. I had a little notebook that I carried with me EVERYWHERE (grocery, Dr, dentist, work) Any time I thought I could possibly have a phone call from a nurse, or would have a brain fart and want to know something. Never know when you are walking through walmart and NEED TO KNOW YOUR E2 stats! immediately! So, I'd have a call record section from your ART nurse. You can record day/time/instructions, etc.

    Also, for IVF/FET transfer, I highly recommend valium. They gave it to me as an option. First time, I didn't do it, and I was SO TENSE! It actually was difficult for them to "get in there" I was so tense. I thought I had it all together and could deal, but my subconscious was saying NO! Then physiologically, I was retaliating!
    IF they give you an option, say YES to the teenie weenie pill. Its SUCH a low dose, but boy will it take the edge off. (note- this is the first and only time I've ever had valium)

  5. First, I agree with Hollie on the Valium during transfer. My RE doesn't even give you a choice, it's just part of the protocol. I highly recommend it because 1) you'll be so scared/nervous/excited/tense and 2) you'll have to pee SO BAD that you'll want to be in a drug-induced state to keep you mind off of things!! :)

    As a binder section suggestion, I would recommend putting in a section for travel expenses. My RE is three hours away from where we live and the mileage and hotel fees and such are all tax deductible (in IL anyway) so we need to keep an accurate record. Right now everything is in a pile on the kitchen table... :)



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