Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another exciting morning (please note the sarcasm!)

Hello Bleaders...I'm still here.  Seemingly not recovering as much as I would like.  But first, let's go back...back to where we stopped.

Recovered from Monday and on to Tuesday.  No issues, a little bit tired and crampy but that has come to be normal in my life lately.  Slept in the fetal position Monday night and that seemed to help everything.  I want you to know how ingrained J is in this whole process.

Last night (Tuesday) when he got home from work he wanted to tell me about a dream he had Monday night.  Apparently, he kept thinking/dreaming that he had to be sleeping in the fetal position to help me not be in pain.  So all night long he was curled up and if he would wake up into that "half-sleep" and not be in the fetal position, he'd immediately curl up thinking he was helping me.  He finally woke up enough to realize that it didn't matter how he slept, because it wouldn't make me feel better.  Unless he was kicking me in the stomach in his sleep, which he isn't (for the record, I'm the fighter in my sleep...100% of decking him at least once and kicking him at least a dozen times in my sleep - and he's still here!).  I couldn't help but laugh when he told me, a deep belly laugh (that again didn't feel very good, hurt me quite a little bit), so not only am I laughing at how much he is trying to walk in my shoes, but I'm trying to stop myself from laughing because it hurt so much.  The two of us were quite a sight!

Finally, able to calm ourselves down, and pretty soon it's time for bed.  I head upstairs usually before him (mostly out of habit because usually I get up earlier than him to go workout, just not the last 2 weeks), and go to bed without any issues.

I was having a very odd dream about being a media buyer once again and trying to get a buy done before my deadline (Where do you think I got this Schelle?) and then I realized I had to pee rather urgently in my dream.  So I rushed out of the office, only to find a huge line at the bathroom and only a few working toilets in my dream bathroom.  Finally, was able to get to a toilet...and I woke up, again in pain.  Rushed to the bathroom and closed the door hoping not to wake J, but that didn't help my pain.  Now we're back to the serious pain of Sunday night, and add to that sweating like crazy and feeling hot, and rapid breathing because I'm freaking out about what is happening to my body.  Decide that it feels worse than Sunday night, so I swing open the door and yell, "J!" 

He wakes up rather quickly and says, "WHAT?" 

I half screamed, "it's happening again!"

By this time, I have crawled off the toilet and am laying in the fetal position, on the cool tile floor, almost in tears and that's where he found me.  He wanted to get me back into bed where it was more comfortable, but I refused.  He asked me what I wanted him to do and I said, "Call Holly!"  He ran downstairs to get my cell phone and handed it back to me.  I had gone back to my "throne" at this point, hoping to alleviate more pain by releasing my bladder, but no luck.  By this time (6 am), J has connected with Holly and told her that I am in extreme pain and what should he do.  I heard him say, "Northwest" which is our closest hospital.  He hung up and started to get dressed saying we're going to the hospital.  Meanwhile, I'm still in the fetal position in bed not wanting to move a muscle, but have slowed down my breathing which seemed to help the pain a bit. 

He's running around getting dressed, brushing teeth and finding shoes.  I'm still curled up contemplating how we're going to the hospital if I can't move and sitting in the emergency room waiting for hours.  I think I even said, "is an ambulance better?  At least we'll get right in!" 

As he ran downstairs to give the dogs water, I noticed that the pain was starting to slowly subside.  So, now I pick up the phone and call Holly again (6:15 am). She picks up and now can ask me questions to determine what we do from here.  After telling her of the pain, the quickness of its onset, the slow regression of the pain, the sweating, the rapid breathing, etc., she determined that it was indeed a ruptured cyst and not a twisted ovary.  She said with a twisted ovary I wouldn't be able to walk and the pain would be much more constant.  I told her that I feel it all day but it's about a level 4 pain, and then the pain this morning was about a 12, and at this point it had diminished back to a level 8 pain.  She concluded again, that it was a ruptured cyst and nothing really that we could do, except rest in bed with feet up and Tylenol.  So determined not to go sit at the hospital when the pain wasn't there anymore as bad, and they couldn't do anything anyway.

J crawled back into bed and we both tried to go back to sleep.  Finally, my alarm went off about 7 am and I had determined that I'd be working from home again so let Mom know that I wasn't coming in today.  Still, not feeling the best.  But at least a little better.  Still have to take my time getting out of bed and finding that perfect spot to lay so I'm not in pain.

Of course, I've emailed Holly to thank her for being so cordial at 6 am when we called her, and to ask if there is anything we can do so no more follicles become cysts that rupture.  But I am pretty sure her answer will be just to wait for AF, which for once in my life I can't wait for it, meaning she'll probably be late, because that's the kind of games she plays.  Can't wait! (again, note the sarcasm).

A special little note before I forget to say this, I've been walking around rubbing my belly because it hurts.  I swear strangers must think I am preggers because 1) I keep walking around in public rubbing my belly, 2) I have a belly to rub, 3) I need a bathroom more than every before.  Am hoping this alludes to happy things to come!

I'm off to the bathroom, A-G-A-I-N!


  1. I hope you start feeling better soon! All of this drama is insane! Congrats on all of your little sounds like they look great! How many are they going to transfer next month?

    If you're bored and want to check out my blog, go for it! It's at There hasn't been a lot of "action" in the last few weeks, but if you start back a bit you'll see why! Feel better and best of luck. :)


  2. I feel the same way about the belly rubbing! I just posted a picture on FB with a friend who was visiting, and even I can see that it looks like I have a little belly. I don't want to start everyone talking...but I hope that my reall announcement could come in just a few months. (I hope, I hope, I hope.)

  3. sounds painful... sending love and hugs...


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